It happened. They both were crying.

2/07/2011 02:41:00 PM

On Saturday afternoon, C. and his Mom went to go run some errands in downtown Cabo so I was left alone with the ladies.

My first time ever.

Lila was in her crib taking a nap.

Vivienne was hanging out with me.

All was well!

Then... Vivienne started screaming because she's a newborn. This woke up Lila who was already sleeping lightly because she is [heavy sigh] teething again. (She is the WORST teether in all the world.)

So, there I stood thinking: "Ok, both of them are screaming. (Not crying.) What does one do?"

So, I picked up Vivienne and went into Lila's room and stood by Lila's crib and shushed her and Vivienne at the same time. This was my best solution since I'm technically not allowed to pick up Lila until next Monday.

It worked! They both calmed down. Awesome.

"Um, this is soooo do-able," I thought to myself. "I can totally have two children under two-years-old in my home at the same time."


Then, off I went to my room to cuddle up with Vivienne, feed her and then take a nap. (Because let's remember that I'm tired.)

Um. Not so fast.

Lila's screaming. Again. Really, really loudly.


Put Vivienne down.
Go into Lila's room.
Get her out of the crib (Yes, even though I'm not supposed to lift her for one more week.)
Deal with her. Now she's fine.
Check on Vivienne. She's rustling about and is starting to cry. Again.


For a moment, it was chaos.

But seriously in the midst of it I smiled to myself and thought, "Ah. This is my new reality."

And I understand it this time around. This chaos? It's fleeting. As quickly as a little one can start screaming, they stop screaming. And worse? They grow up. And then they don't lift their arms and their eyes to you like they do when they're under two-years-old and just need you.

Bottom line?

I need them just as much as they need me.

All is well right at this moment. All is well.

(Vivienne's crying... I must run.)



  1. I would just like to say that you are fabulous. What a GREAT, loving, way to view this stage of your life.

    You can do it!!!

    p.s. Does Lila have a sound machine? It helped us out A LOT when E was a newborn and crying all the time. S couldn't hear a peep of it. Life saver.

  2. Oh so true, so true...I remind myself of that fact often. Someday they won't need me as much and I will long for the days when I was their go to for everything...sounds like you are doing an amazing job but I would never have doubted that for a second. Hugs!

  3. Well, my gosh. That all just sounds like fun! I'm going to have Matt read that because he's already ready to have another!

  4. You are amazing and I truly admire your perspective with everything!


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