I agree, Quaker Oats.

The current Quaker Oats marketing campaign claims that oatmeal is a, "super food." I believe this is based on the fact that it's tasty AND so good for your heart.

Um. I concur.

Oatmeal is INCREDIBLE.

You can eat it simply...

Or, you can add so many fun things to it: craisins, raisins, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, vanilla, milk, almond milk, brown sugar... the list truly goes on and on.

So today? I salute you oatmeal. You truly are a super food.



  1. don't forget what i add to my oatmeal - MY AUTHENTIC MEXICAN VANILLA!!! i think of you every time. : )

  2. Oh how I wish I could get past the consistency of oatmeal. I try to eat it as I know it is good for you, but it is SO mushy in my mouth but then you have to chew a bit. Oh and if it is hot, forget it....I can not finish one bite. I want to like it, but until they make non-mushy oatmeal I am out.

    I do like oatmeal cookies and bars, but I am sure that doesn't have the same nutritional value as straight up oatmeal! Dang ;)

  3. I LOVE oatmeal! ...and it's great for increasing milk supply too! Super!


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