Hmm... I'm not so sure about these.

2/22/2011 05:08:00 AM

I was surfing the Lion brand YARN website (Yup. I'm that cool.) and came across these gems:

It's true. You can apparently download (for free!) the pattern for these, "Carnelian Pom-Pom Leg Fancies".


A.) I couldn't have even made up something so fantastic. (Please note my sarcasm.)
B.) The name of this crochet pattern includes the word, "fancies". Um, awesome.
C.) When exactly would you wear these?

I'll say it again: awesome.

I think I know what some family members are getting for Christmas...



  1. I definitely want a set. count me in. But you must make them in an "awesome" color or even rainbow.
    They look Bohemian or something.

  2. What?!? These were NOT in the weekly newsletter.

  3. Ummmm. . . how do I get on that Christmas list?

    My fav color is turquoise blue. Just sayin'.

  4. AWESOME! Seriously, those are great!

    I love that website as well. At Christmas time I found some very interesting things on that site, but nothing as fantastic as these! And the fact that they are called fancies, well it does not get better than that!

  5. Are you not entertained? By yarn? lol

  6. I tell you what... let's buy a couple of pairs and do a girls' nightout to... let's say Nowhere wearing those!

  7. Um. Those are terrifying.

    I would totally wear them, but only while learning to fly on the trapeze.

  8. Yikes. I have no real comment other than I might stop being your friend if I saw you in those.


  9. Are those strappy type wrap-a-round things? Or do you wear them like socks? INTERESTING! And ugly. And funny.

    I have the Lion Brand Yarn app on my Ipod - love it for the free patterns but there are a lot of granny-ish/weird things on there too!


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