Conversation with my husband.

Last night (Tuesday) we were sitting on the couch. I was holding Vivienne.

Craig: "So, what do you have going on tomorrow?"

[short silence]

Me: "Well. I have to take my Wednesday vitamins."


Ah. Maternity leave.

It may seem like a vacation, what with so few scheduled tasks, and all... but let's be honest: it's not. It's merely that transitional time necessary to convince yourself that you can a.) handle your new baby and b.) successfully integrate said baby into your your old/new life.


About the new pill/vitamin box above: Um. I love it. Does this mean I should be getting my AARP card next? Possibly.

My MIL was here and she brought along with her two of those days-of-the-week pillbox organizers. I was in love. Why hadn't I thought of using one of those sooner? I'm a vitamin taker (prenatal (good to take while breastfeeding), one for Vivienne's brain development, lysine, acidophilis and fenugreek) so to not have to open all five vitamin containers each morning? It's liberating. And organized. And perfect.

Thanks for leaving your little pillbox organizer for me, MIL.

Thanks to you, I know what I have to do tomorrow: take my Thursday vitamins.



  1. I bought one of these 2 weeks post-partum on one of my many trips to the drug store. I could never remember if I took my vitamins and it drove me nuts! I actually still use it even though I'd like to think I have part of my brain back since those crazy sleep deprived times.

  2. I'm with you! I have been using a pill organizer for years. Let's face it - trying to get myself ready and the girls ready and out the door in the morning? I'm bound to forget something. Which is why I also keep deoderant and toothpaste in my office - I've forgotten those crucial steps a few times! I keep my pill organizer on my dresser so I see it each morning and I can visually see that I took my daily pills! {I also put one dose of my pills in my purse - in case I DO forget - that way I don't have to run back home and I can keep on schedule.}

  3. Mine is purple. Thus, potential buyers of our home can see that I am stylish. And are spared the sight of 30 bottles in the kitchen cupboard. :)

  4. I am with you, I love these! I used one all the time but stopped when I condensed the vitamins I was taking. Recently I started using it again. So maybe it is a sort of “old person” like to use this, but those old people are smart folks. They eat dinner at 4:30 to avoid the crowds (T & I eat our one meal for lunch/dinner at 3:30 or 4 on the weekends for the same reason), they wear stretchy and comfy clothes (Seriously who doesn’t love a good pair of elastic waisted pants or a long night robe – I do!), and they know all the good programs (uh, Wheel of Fortune and Golden Girls). Seriously, they know their stuff so this is just another great idea they have!

    Side note: My grandma always had a bunch of these in her house. When my cousins and I were younger we would fill these with candies and carry them around with us when we played and then when we wanted candy we would open our “containers” full of candy! Fun times.


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