BLOGGER QUESTION: Has EVERYONE switched to intense debate commenting?

2/16/2011 02:04:00 PM
I've been putting it off because I don't want to lose commenters.




  1. I had it for a week, liked it...then, I kept getting emails from bloggers that they were not able to comment. It was very frustrating. I went back to the blogger commenting format. Much easier.

    I just wish everyone had their email set up to their blog. That way, you could always reply to email if need be (to answer questions, etc.)

  2. I don't know what intense debate commenting is??? Also, can you tell me HOW to set up my email to my blog? (if SassyTimes is reading this.... otherwise I'll email her)

  3. I am NOT a fan. Installing it has been a HUGE fiasco, and now that it's supposedly installed, NONE of my comments are on the blog. I'm DONE with them. I get to do my first giveaway next week so I can't have some wonky commenting system.

  4. @Quiet Oasis....I'll post instructions on my blog.

  5. I've not had one problem since Grumbles helped me out. I really like it. (unless someone's not telling me something)

  6. The main issue I have with it is if I leave a comment there are a lot more steps to see the reply/comments.

    With the traditional blogger I just click the box next to my email address before I submit my comment and then all comments after are sent to my email.

    With intense debate I have to add in my email address, and pick whether I want reply's OR all comments emailed to me...I can't do both. (I thought if I did all comments I would get reply's too, but at least for me it only gave me new comments, not reply's to my comment.)

    Then I get an email in my inbox and have to click on the link and subscribe to just that post and would have to do this for every single post I comment on. So far I have not found a way to get past this.

    I will comment on people's blogs who have this but I just don't see additional comments made unless I go back to their blog and look. Not a huge deal, it was just nice to see comments before the way I was doing it.

    I think intense debate may be really good for the people posting blogs and maybe for those who have Intense Debate and are posting on other blogs that have it. I think the problem is between those who don't have it and want to comment. It is still an interesting format, I just don't think I am ready for it on my blog yet!

  7. When I installed it I lost all of my previous comments that were on Blogger. I like it, but it's a little frustrating, so I don't know if I'll keep it or not. I have to approve every comment, even though I have it checked to NOT do that. I like the IDEA of it - being able to reply to comments, but there's got to be an easier platform OR I need to learn more about IntenseDebate.

  8. I haven't. Ask Michelle why. :-)

  9. At what point can we be TOO CONNECTED? I like the "click here to have follow up emails" on this format. Everything does NOT need to be that instant. Sometimes I cannot get to the blog....and that is OK.

    I like this format. Call me a dinosaur.


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