2/01/2011 02:37:00 PM
 I googled "Who needs sleep" and this man sleeping in a burger bed came up.

So I'm not quite sure when my blogging public will get tired of reading about that which is all-encompassing right now. (You know, the baby, the Lila, the transition, the birth, the postpartum, etc.)

I mean, try as might, I can't help but talk about this stuff all the time.

So, I'm going to try to start blogging about non-baby things soon. Just bear with me, ok?

Here's the rundown of how things are at this moment in time:
  • Vivienne is sleeping. She prefers to sleep in the daylight and be awake at night.
  • I went for my one-week-after-you-had-a-baby appointment and all was well. Stitches were removed and I can pick up my Lila Ross and drive in 2 more weeks. (When Vivienne is 3-weeks old.) I cannot wait. And, I'm happy to report, my uterus is shrinking on schedule. (Tee hee. You're welcome for that visual.)
  • Lila is doing really well with being a big sister. She likes to hug Vivienne and take her hats off of her. Yeah, I don't get it either.
  • I love nursing. It feels ridiculously natural this time around. So natural that I smiled to myself when I was sitting in the front seat of the car today waiting for Craig while he was in the grocery store nursing Vivienne sans cover. Ah, it's amazing how different it is the second time around.
  • I got on the scale. Ugh. I'm not sure why I did that. Last time I didn't weigh myself until Lila was 2 weeks and 5 days old. (Yep, I have a log. That's the way I roll.
  • I'm wearing one of those belly bandits that one of those crazy Kardashian's swears by. It's pretty comfortable compared to the Mexican girdle-like torture device I wore post-Lila. So far so good.
  • I feel great.
  • My mother-in-law has been here and is ridiculously helpful. I swear, it feels like a vacation. We sleep in every morning because she handles Lila. Real life starts Monday, February 7th when she leaves.
Yep. That's about it.


  1. glad to hear that all is relatively well.

    i just googled belly bandit! hahaaha! "mother tucker", "muffinology" - the whole thing is awesome. i wonder if it would tuck in my not-post-pregnancy gut?

  2. You talk about baby stuff all you want. I'm loving it. Happy things are going smoothly and thrilled your awesome MIL is there to take the of the burden for you!

  3. I need this belly bandit. Why am I finding out about this almost 8 months postpartum?

    You know we all LOVE hearing about your babes!

  4. I love hearing about your babies. I want to hear more about Ms. Lila and how she's doing....and more about how YOU are adjusting.

    How awesome that you have your MIL to help you out and let you sleep in. Wow!

  5. @trophy life - I love that you googled that. Awesome.

    @Summer - thank you, friend.

    @Nadja - this belly bandit is fantastic. I'ms erious.

    @sassytimes - Done. I will write more about those things.

  6. This burger bed (or whatever it IS!) made me laugh.

    I was thinking - everyone calls their babies all wrapped up burritos. However, you guys can seriously call Vivi a burrito seeing that you live in Mexico and all.


  7. i HEART reading about your babies. for reals. i love your candid honesty, your humor, your love for your girls and your husband. you make me believe that i could actually do this mama thing some day. :) and when i do, believe you me, will be one of my handy reference guides! how else would i ever learn about things like the belly bandit!

  8. Love the hamburger bed pic. :)

    I hope Vivienne reverses her nocturnal nature soon, but until then, thank goodness for your MIL!

    Thinking of all of you!

  9. Love that bed, loved this post and love reading about your girls!


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