Passive aggression in marriage caused by non-sleeping newborns

2/16/2011 10:41:00 AM
As it turns out, I can be incredibly passive aggressive.

Especially in the wee-hours of the morning after a night of no sleep.

The situation as it stands: Right now, Craig is attempting to sleep in the same room as Vivienne and I. However, since Vivi is a night owl (ugh), Craig will get up and go sleep in the other room at night because he's in charge of getting Lila up in the morning. (I attempt to get some sleep in the morning when Vivi likes to sleep.) And, he also sleeps in the other room because he has to go to work.

That said, on Valentine's Day night after Vivi had proceeded to projectile vomit on him in bed, he decided to depart our bedroom a bit earlier than usual and off he went to sleep in the other room. (Shocker. I would have done the SAME thing.)  (I'm now re-reading this and cannot remember if she projectile vomited on him that night or another night. Ah well... six of one, half dozen of the other.)

Anywho, Vivi and I had a r.o.u.g.h. night on Monday. I seriously think she slept for maybe 2.5 hours (non-consecutively, of course.).

Around 5 a.m. I was at my limit. I was exhausted. And SO RIDICULOUSLY ANNOYED that my husband was FAST asleep in the other room while I had been dealing with a SCREAMING (Vivienne doesn't cry. She screams) newborn all night.


So, I was going to call him on his cell to yell at him. But then I realized that was cruel and I didn't want to risk waking Lila up. (Lila's room and Vivienne's room (that has a queen-sized bed in it) share a common wall.)

Then I was going to blackberry message him over and over again. But again, I didn't want to wake up Lila.

So I emailed him.

This email.

Filled with gramatical errors and dripping with sarcasm and aggression.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Craig is a lucky man.

(You can click to make it larger.)


Best part of this story? Hours after he had received the email he literally said, "Got your email last night. Wow. So... what can I do for YOU to make the evenings easier?"

I wanted to say: "Grow a pair of boobs and feed this child." (But I realize that's impossible.)

So the next best thing is to just willingly accept these nasty emails every morning and preferably not hold them against me.

Ah, marriage.

I wonder if Michelle Duggar ever just goes off on Jim-Bob?

(Craig, I love you.)



  1. I love that you hyper-linked 6/half dozen.

    And. . . I totally get this scenario and have a vague memory of a similar episode playing out in our home several years back.

    Hang in there, my Friend.

  2. Oh, I've been there my dear...LOL! Truly, I am amazed with what Dave has put up with from me (I am horrible when I am sleep deprived). It's tough when you are the only one able to care for your newborn at first. I pray things get better soon and Vivi begins to realize that when it's dark outside that is when you are supposed to sleep! Did you try the humidifer yet? Sending a giant hug!

  3. lol. this is so real life. yes, exactly. hang in there friend.

  4. Mike has been stuffed up this week and his snoring has been out of control. So I've slept elsewhere. The other night I stormed into our room at 3:30 a.m., woke him up, forcefully told him his snoring woke me up and that he needs to go to the doctor. Then I stormed out.

    You at least have an excuse.

    Hoping Mr. Sandman brings you a dream soon!

  5. This makes me laugh. It reminds me so much of when E was a newborn and sleeping in our bedroom at night. She never slept. Constantly nursed. I was EXHAUSTED and sooooooo mad that my husband slept through it all. Snored through it all. I remember immaturely hitting him with pillows out of jealousy. Did he wake? No.

    But, my friend, it gets better. It does! Hang in there. Those nasty hormones take a toll on us (and our poor husbands). ;)

  6. Oh, how I could've written the same post a few months back!!! These are the times no one tells you about. Sleep deprivation causes ugly things! My husband started sleeping in the other room when E was a baby too, because he needed sleep for work and one night I was screaming that he was sleeping through it all while I was up AGAIN!
    I hear ya, my friend. If those men could grow boobs, I'd be a happy woman. (well, during the breastfeeding stage anyway. :)

  7. if i had never met craig in person, i would definitely be calling you a liar in my head right now. but your craig -- he really is that great. and i'm so glad that he's part of all this with you. even when you (poor thing!) are at your wits end, and he's snoozing. :)

  8. BAH! Hilarious! I KNOW...does Michelle EVER fly off the handle? Something tells me no....but only Jim-Bob knows...

  9. Totally frustrating. I don't understand why babies can't just SLEEP. heh.

  10. This post made me tear up! Only a few more weeks though and then you will be missing that time with Vivi! (really! After some time passes and you are no longer sleep deprived!)


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