Academy Awards Fashion Recap: 2011

Kirk Douglas was cute. Good for him. He's a good time.
• I want to be Anne Hathaway's friend.
James Franco was "eh" as a co-host. 
Oprah Winfrey looked great.

So, back to the dresses... lots of jewel tones. Lots of sparkle. Lots of glamor I believe the Toddlers and Tiaras set would say that the Oscars were "full glitz." (Tee hee.)

We're digging in.

The I-can't-believe-you-just-had-children award goes to:

Celine Dion. Holy wow. She gave birth to TWINS just four months ago. Ugh and impressive at the same time.

Truth, though? I like the dress, I do. However, I hate that necklace. I mean, good for you that you got to keep the necklace from Titanic... but did you have to wear it tonight? It's far too "old" for this modern dress, if you ask me.

...and Penelope Cruz had a BABY A MONTH AGO. WHAT??? Still, that dress? I hate it. HATE it. I don't think you should ever have a design depicting fire on a dress near your lady parts. It's just far too easy to make a joke. (I love Javier Bardem.)

My favorite Red Carpet Quote of the night:
That continuously ill-dressed Helena Bonaham Carter said that a costume designer created her outfit. Why? Because she said that she chose to "celebrate film and not fashion" tonight.

Good for her.

But her dress is still feo. (ugly).


(What's with the fan? Come on. Really?)

The best usage of boob tape goes to:
Mila Kunis. Wow. So yeah, the dress was gorgeous. However, I think it looked better on the screen than in photos. It's far too purple in the picture. I like it, I do. But that's just too much up-top showing for me. It reminded me of when Janet Jackson wore that nipple-cover thing on that one Superbowl ages ago. When she walked there was just far too much jiggle.

("Jiggle" is a gross word. Add that one to the list.)

The holy-wow award goes to:
I'm usually not a fan of red dresses on the red carpet, but Jennifer Lawrence knows how to work it. I love this dress. I love it. She looks phenomenal. Her hair looks great, too. Way to go.

(Wish I could see her shoes.)

The best use of a collar:
While I don't love this gold/mirrored dress - I do like the collar. It's fun. Way to go, Melissa Leo.

The creepiest photo award goes to:
Sharon Stone looks terrifying. I don't like this dress. It looks like she's got a weapon in her hair. Look out. She's going to get you. BOO!

The "I wanted-to-like-it, but-I-don't" award goes to:
Cate Blanchett. Ok, first off? She's gorgeous. Secondly, I don't like this. Ok, well I love that it's different, but it's far too matronly and boring. And it looks like it's being worn backwards.

"I'll go ahead and be clever and put a t-shirt UNDER my dress so I can wear my dress backwards. Cutting edge, no?"

Uh, no.

Worst-dressed couple:
Oh boy, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow... Oh boy.

First Nicole is wearing a terribly unflattering bridesmaid gown that has an unfortunate sash strategically placed in the worst position possible: on her hips. And that choker? And her hair? Boo.

And Gwyneth, your hair looks fantastic. Your dress, however, while allegedly supposed to be a classic Calvin Klein, it's just "eh".

I give you both no thumbs up.

Best picture of the evening:
Melania Trump is one lucky lady. The Donald (and his hair) are fantastic.

Now let's move on to the red and orange dresses.

While I would like to be Anne Hathaway's friend, I feel that her dress was too tight at her hip/waist. I was watching her talking to Tim Gunn and it appears that she was having difficulty breathing. Not my fave.

I adore the structure of Sandra Bullock's dress. Fantastic. She looks incredible.

Oh my. Jennifer Hudson looked incredible. She worked that orange dress. She looks fantastic. (And happy.) However, I only loved her look from the chest down. (I'm not a big fan of under-boob showing.) WELL done, though.

This whole look on Ashlan Gorse is just contrived. Really? Grecian with a headband? Boring. And the dress is ill-fitting to boot. (This would be the perfect dress to wear those Grecian style crocheted "foot fancies" from my earlier blog post.)

And... then there was Scarlett Johansson. LOVE the back.

Hate the front. (And next time, do your hair.)

Question of the evening:
Why did Jeff Bridges get to bring his whole family, why are they all being photographed and why are they all wearing variants of the same dress? Weird.

Can someone explain to me why ESPN commentator, Erin Andrews, was at the Oscars? I don't get it. (I'm not even commenting on that dress and earrings combo.)

And why do people continue to dress like these awards shows are beauty pageants in disguise?! Better luck next time, Nancy O'Dell. (I guess I didn't realize Nancy O'Dell was an actress.)

Mandy Moore looked stunning. How elegant and just lovely.

Eh, ok. Florence Welch needs to add just a titch of color to her wardrobe. Or maybe just wear something different? I loved her at the Grammy's. I'm bored with her at the Oscars. That color is TERRIBLE.

That little Hailee Seinfeld is dressed just as a 14-year-old girl should be. Perfect. Cutie pie.

Tell me that Reese Witherspoon doesn't look a little like Carrie Underwood here? Perhaps it's her big country hair? I'm just saying...  As far as her dress goes, though? ELEGANT and PERFECT. And safe.

I love that Shaun Robinson wore this color. So pretty. Especially against her skin. That bow is larger than her head, though.

Ok, on to the best and the worst.

The worst dressed was Amy Adams. Hands down. No questions asked. That color is BORING. The sleeves were so not flattering. And WHAT was with that necklace? Please tell me it was sentimental - perhaps I could forgive her for wearing it... maybe. It was awful, though.

Her hair... that necklace... that ridiculous bracelet... her makeup... all bad.

Now, I'd like to report who I think was the "most beautiful" and the "best dressed." The first one is no surprise... the second one sort of surprised me.

Oh Halle Berry... you are nauseatingly gorgeous. You look like perfection. Wow.

I have to tell you, though... I didn't love the train. It's even a bit to foo-foo for me.

The best-dressed for the night? (And this surprised me that I liked it so much...) Michelle Williams.

1. I adore her hair.
2. Her makeup is perfect.
3. The Chanel dress is amazing and perfect for her.

**The only thing that worries me, and I couldn't see them well enough, were her shoes. I fear that they were white.

All in all - well done, Michelle Williams.

And that's all, folks.
Your thoughts?



  1. I don't believe Halle Berry is human. She's too perfect.

    I LOVED Natalie Portman. She was glowing and absolutely adorable. ...and she seems so 'normal', amidst all the Hollywood drama. Love her.

  2. I'll be honest, I dislike Halle Berry. Like... A LOT. She has the same hair for every event for like the last 6 years! and her boobs? not that great. one of the many reasons I'll not watch Swordfish ever again.

    Cate Blanchette's dress was kind of weird, but I still liked it for some reason.

    Hailee Seinfeld was the picture of perfection, and as soon as she lost I turned the damned show off.

    I love in the background of Sandra Bullock's photo (adorable) look! It's that crazy guy and his wife from Exit in the Gift Shop!!!

  3. I loved Cate Blanchett's dress. She always does something a little off and she always makes it work.

    I also really liked Gwyneth Paltrow. She always looks great.

    That shiny blue dress that Anne Hathaway wore during the ceremony? Um, awesome x 1000! I loved that one. And the one she wore at the very end. Super cool.

    Honorable mention: Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, Mandy Moore.

    And Robert Downey Jr. looked delicious! Pretty sure I drooled when I saw him get out of the limo.

    Amy Adams looked dumb. Why was she wearing that necklace with that dress? And I agree, her hair and makeup weren't doing her any favors. Blech! Also gross: Nicole Kidman. She looked bad. Hated her dress and her hair and jewelry and everything. Big fat fail for her.

    Is it just me or were there not a lot of big names on the red carpet/in attendance this year? Where was George Clooney? The Pitts? Johnny Depp? Matt Damon?

    I thought Kirk Douglas was charming and huggable. And having everyone who won come out at the end was genius. I may have gotten a tear.

    I thought there were some really great speeches too. Most notably Christian Bale, Colin Firth and the guy whose Mom told him to the King's Speech as his next movie. Lovely.

    Great recap, Kylee!

  4. Sister....Kate Blanchett looked crazy odd. A backwards polly pocket dress was all I came up with.

    Best was Natalie Portman. She looked breathtaking. As did Oprah, oddly...and one or two of Anne Hathaway's dresses were pretty great, but they ran together.

    Please for future reports add most wity repartee; this year that award must go to Sandra Bullock for delivery and to Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. just because....honorable mention to Justin Timberlake, but he didn't quite pull it off.

  5. I agree with Mickey Dee!
    OMG, I *LOVED* Gwenyth's dress. It looked like liquid metal. Fabulous! I wanted to like Cate Blanchett's dress...she's still amazing. Michelle Williams looked fantastic (LOVE the hair) and so did Mila Kunis and Natalie. RD Jr. could wear a trash bag with a tie and I would still love him! Hailee Steinfled was adorable, Jennifer Hudson looked skinny as hell! Go J-Hud! I was pulling for Sandra Bullock to wow me and she didn't :(
    I always look forward to seeing what Helena is going to wear. She's eccentric and I love that about her. Can I just say I was glad NOT to see the Jolie-Pitts.
    So happy for Natalie Portman and Colin Firth!
    I think James Franco was high and Anne Hathaway was completely annoying.
    Where was Corey Haim in the death montage?

  6. Fashion is so subjective!! Gwyneth gets my best dressed vote. I thought her hair looked a little greasy though?

  7. Cate Blachette's dress - the up-top portion - reminded me of an embroidery hoop, with the fabric still in the hoop. Like a work in progress. It was weird, but I didn't hate it. Didn't love it either - I guess I'm on the fence about it.

  8. Oh,'ve done it again! You are so spot-on with your reviews!! Great job!!

    I must say, while Anne's red-carpet dress might have been a too-tight miss, the Tiffany diamonds were breath-taking! Admittedly, once I heard "Tiffany's", I lost focus on the dress! ;o)

    Halle...always beautiful in interviews, in my opinion. I really don't care for her taste in movie roles, so I won't comment on her acting.

    Natalie...lovely little pregers belly. Beautiful color on her.

    Celine...beautiful dress minus the Titanic necklace (that comment made me laugh out loud! heehee) precious. Her interview with Ryan Seacrest was so refreshingly sweet, especially when she realized the Good Year blimp was sending "good luck" wishes to her. Adorable!

    Gwyneth...I sort of liked her dress. I did. Well, minus the embroidery thingy. Not quite sure about her singing.

    Cate...what a waste of beautiful fabric. I thought the color was lovely, and the fluidity of the fabric on the VERY bottom of the dress are very pretty. But whatever they did to the top of the dress was horrible. And what was with the bright yellow accents on the shoulders? Bleh.

    I LOVED your Grecian comments! Ha, and now you know what to pair those Grecian leg-things with!! Hysterical!

    Always entertaining, Kylee!! :)

  9. What about Marisa Tomei's dress? I absolutely want that dress. It looked more fab on the red carpet - a very pretty deep blue, but on stage it was an awkward faded purple. I must admit, it doesn't photograph well, but I still love it.

    here's a link:

    Halle Berry (I agree with the grumbles) she looks the same for every event. Flawless, but let's try something new.

    Cate Blanchette is beautiful, but her dress looked like a chair. OMG I just saw a view from the back. HIDEOUS!

  10. I love it when you do these!

  11. This is so awesome! Is is weird that I get excited for the award shows so I can read your recap?

    Amy Adam - whaaaat was happening?

    HBC - I love that she doesn't care! Remember when she wore two different shoes? Fantastic!

    Sharon Stone - HOLY CRAP SCARY!

    Reese - Amazing. LOVE big country hair.

    Scarlett - amazing unique and great color.

    Mickey D - you are right! Where were all those guys? Perhaps I didn't care because HUGE ACKMAN was there being his royal hotness.


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