Why wouldn't you take lunesta?

1/21/2011 05:15:00 AM

So the other day I was listening to a commercial for lunesta, the sleep aid.

The list of potential side effects cracked me up and of course, led me to the website.

I downloaded the, "Patient Medication Guide" here and enjoyed reading it.


Specifically these points highlighted below.

(Make sure you go on to read the bullets...)

And this is great, too.


Really? Love it. This is technical writing at.its.finest.
Oh, how I wish I was making this up.

Happy Friday!



  1. Louis did everything on that list but try to get intimate while taking Ambien. That shit be crazy. If he tries to bring sleep aids like those back into this house I'm giving him back to Debbie. I will not tolerate another Sharpied couch!

  2. Bahaha! Oh my. Indeed, why would you NOT take this? It sounds awesome.

  3. This is when medicine starts to scare me...

  4. HAHAHAHA Hilarious! I laughed so hard I almost peed :D ...did you ever hear some of the other medication side effects on tv? Like that one weight loss one, with the lion? ...I believe I heard them say "anal leakage and oily stool" greaaaat...

  5. You should know, I used to take this.

    I made a bowl of popcorn and forgot where I put it. I found it UNDER the back of the toilet 3 days later.

    I also had some really GREAT sex with Matt. Apparently. I didn't remember it.

    It IS wicked shit.

  6. HAHAHA!

    That is crazy and also a bit scary thinking you could drive or do something worse while sleeping!

    Nadja when you told us the sharpie story at the get-together that cracked me up!


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