To ease up.

1/01/2011 01:45:00 PM
I resolve to ease up.
To back off... of myself. (And others.)

If my house isn't perfectly clean, it's ok.
If I don't have a post ready for tomorrow, it's ok.
If my daughter screams when we're at the store because she wants THAT thing so badly, it's ok.
If in the beginning of this year, especially after approximately January 30th, I can't keep up with everything, it's ok.
If my body doesn't immediately look better post-baby, it's ok.

It's all ok.

I shall accept and underscore yet again, that this... this is a season of my life.

I resolve to accept it as it comes. And more importantly, I resolve to find joy in it.

kylee out.

(P.S. Because of an annoying DVR issue, we were unable to watch the ball drop on T.V. However, we did get to see a bit of Dick Clark. What a cutie-pie. It looked like he was doing well, no?)



  1. I love the pic of the Resolve!

    Seems like we all have a common theme here in our resolutions....

  2. I need to start thinking about my own resolutions. I usually blog about them. I like the whole easing up on yourself idea. I need to chill more and be content just doing nothing. It's hard for me to just sit and watch TV though, but I need to chillax. I've been reading more, which has helped me to relax.


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