Produce Report: 38 weeks (Post-doctor's appt.)

I'm almost there! I'm almost there!

For the second week in a row, I was told that my baby is not small. :) (Really?)

Wanna see how big I am? Comical, no?

Yes, I am 41 inches AROUND. (And no, those aren't stretch marks at the bottom of my belly. They're water-retention, pants-marks. You can find the all over my body.)

So I love that Baby Girl 2011 is possibly going to weigh 8.1 lbs. This excites me. Here's why: Lila was teeny tiny to me. (6 lbs, 8 oz.) The idea of having a little whopper, a cherub, pleases me. This means that Baby Girl 2011 and her big sister will be different from the get. Awesome.

Q: What did the doctor say?
A.  He said what I already know: the baby is fully cooked, full-term and can be born any time now. He, like many OB/GYNs in this country, would deliver my baby today if I so desired. However, we're still hanging on. The placenta is healthy yet "aging" (normal). She has plenty of amniotic fluid. She can bake a bit longer.

Random thoughts:
  • I AM SO EXCITED to call this baby by her name!
  • The baby's room is nearly done. (Waiting on the rug and the bedside table. Complete pictures of the nursery after I receive said items.) I'm at a loss with decorating the shelves. A complete loss.
  • I'm pleased about getting my hair done tomorrow. After that, I can have the baby. :) I'd like some bangs first, though. (Side bangs. Nothing too crazay for this hormonal lady.)
  • Yesterday, when Craig took me out to lunch, the waiter asked me if I was expecting "one baby or two." (I don't think he should have expected a tip.)
  • I've noticed that many people like to say, "Oh my! You look like you're about to pop." Hmm... I suppose.
  • I am bracing myself for when we announce the baby's name and then people say, "I knew it!" That prospect annoys me because even WE didn't know it for a while.
  • I am no longer sleeping. I just lay there in the bed attempting to force my sweet daughter to remove her butt from my ribs.
  • I have gained a substantial amount of what I presume is water weight. (riiiight.) I gained 29 lbs with Lila and [so far] approximately 36 lbs. with this one. Yep. It's a myth lie that you, "gain less" with the second one because, "you're so busy chasing around the first one." LIE. LIE. LIE. (Note: I started out at the exact same weight for both pregnancies.)
  • I made the baby a gnome hat. (Oh, how I love gnomes...) Didn't have the good flash on the camera. Sorry.
     So that's about it.

    Here's me.

    Only a bit longer like this...

    ...then I'll be lookin' like this.



    If you haven't already, guess the specs of the baby here! (Thanks for playing along.)




    1. The gnome hat is you have a pattern you can share? I've looked for patterns for this type of thing and never have any luck.

    2. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously beautiful. I'm SO EXCITED for you, and SO EXCITED to finally learn the baby's name!

      I love the gnome hat. Um. Adorable.

      And, is it just me or is your belly, like, DEFYING gravity?? Seriously, your baby girl must be doing some ballet moves in there. Awesome.

      (I would have punched that waiter right in his smart mouth.)

    3. You do look fantastic.

      I can't wait to learn her name. I would NEVER said "I knew it!" If people know you then they know ANY name is possible. You are not so predictable.

      Good luck on those abs.

    4. I still think you look great! Your belly looks perfect.

      The only thing people should be saying when you announce her name is how perfect it is. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

    5. You look absolutely beautiful, Ky. Seriously. . . beautiful!! I can not wait to call her by her name either!

      The hat? AWESOME! I so wish I could do that.

      I am anticipating, every day, your announcement!!

    6. I love that you called your babe a whopper!

      The gnome hat is insanely cute!!

      We are dying to hear the name and will not say "I KNEW IT!" We will say, "I LOVE IT!"

      You look adorable. Your hair is magical - I swear.

    7. You look awesome! Really, you do.

      I made that gnome hat for a babe a couple years ago - so cute! One of my friends just had a baby and I think I'll make her a gnome hat!


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