Produce Report: 36 weeks

 (My baby is supposed to be about the size of 3 pomegranates. Riiiight.)

Friends, this is the month of my baby's birth. Oh wow.
I'm going to have a baby this month.

Q. How is the baby?
A. According to my doctor's appointment last Monday (I have another today this afternoon...) - all was well. The baby is big. Last week, he said that she measured about 7 lbs. 2 oz. - we'll see if that holds true for this week. (Lila was estimated to weigh 6 lbs. at this point.)

If she were to be delivered right now, there's only a slight chance that she'd need respiratory help... However, have I had any "true" signs of labor? Absolutely not. Just a boat-load of braxton hicks.

(Here's what I looked like when I was pregnant with Lila.)

Q. How am I doing, physically?
A. Ugh, let's just say that I'm not comfortable. This baby is getting big. What does this mean for me? I am never comfortable. I'll say it again: I'm never comfortable. Not sitting, not standing, not laying down, not propped up, not sitting up... I'm never comfortable. :) I told C. that I truly forgot about this stage. (I'm painting a pretty picture, aren't I?)

This is what I'm "supposed" to look like according to (She has no arms?)

(I figured if I made the picture smaller, I'd look more petite. It worked, no?)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my Mom for my genetics. Still, no stretch marks... My fingers are crossed.

Q. How am I doing emotionally?
A. I'm doing well. I'm getting excited. I'm really excited to see this little one and the idea that she's going to be here before the end of the month is just incredible. When I first introduced, "Baby Girl 2011" she seemed so distant.

Now, it's 2011.

When we had our last doctor's appointment the doctor showed us on the ultrasound that she has hair... :) I can't wait to see what that hair looks like.

Q. Have we started on the baby's room?
A. Yes, indeedy. We started it.

The day after Christmas in our house meant, "Let's-get-moving-on-the-baby's-room" which doubles as a guest room.

So, my sweet mother agreed to vacate the room for the day so Craig could get down to business.
Lila went to visit her Aunt T, Clo and Boo. (Max). And Shirl and I washed 1000 loads of baby laundry.

(This is seriously only the first load or two...)

Drawers are filled.

Closet is organized. Ok, part of the closet is organized.

(I love small baby hats.)

This is C. working on the doors. They were dark brown ugly wood. Now they aren't.
We ordered some cute BIRD door handles for them. (Yep. BIRD.) 

 And, we chose brown for the walls.

The crib is up! 

Next, Craig had to drill 50 holes into our concrete walls... then add wooden dowels so that we could put up the 50 flowers I wanted on the wall before he could put the second coat of paint on the wall. (Those are stickers indicating where the holes needed to go.)

Here are the flowers!

A close-up. I love them. Bought them on Amazon for $22.94 per pack. (We bought 2 packs of 25.)
(They clip on to a tack that you would just push into your wall... if you don't live in Mexico where your walls are concrete.)

Just threw the bumper in to see what it looked like.

We decided to use the under-the-window built-in thing as a diaper-changing space.
It's under construction.

And, I'm in the process of finishing up Baby Girl's blanket.

(I modeled it after this free crochet pattern on the Lion Brand website.)
I added another pink stripe and need to do the edging and putting together.)

And, finally - I painted a picture for Baby Girl's room. Do I love it? Not so sure.
But, I've got another canvas ready to go.
We'll see how that one turns out.

(Before. This one is more "true" to color.)

(Color looks really dark.)

More to come.

Just need to order a rug, buy a few baskets, get a side-table, have C. finish painting...

THEN I can have this baby.

Here's me on Christmas Eve. I'm bigger than the tree.




  1. That bumper is just too cute!! The nursery is going to look amazing!!! You look so beautiful!! I know you're uncomfortable and can't get to comfortable at all but you just look gorgeous!!!

  2. I know you probably feel gigantic, but really, you look great! I don't think you look big at all. Your belly looks compact. My guess is baby girl 2011 will be in the low 7lb range when born. Just a peanut. ;)

    I can't believe it's this I love all the nursery decor, especially the flowers above the crib. Beautiful.

  3. You look awesome, yay for no stretch marks! Love her room too! The flowers are amazing!

  4. i cannot even believe that baby girl 2011 will be born THIS MONTH! getting so excited for you all as you make final preparations for her arrival!! :)

  5. I love the flowers! And the blanket! And the "Introducing ME!" shirt in your drawer!

    Super excited for you. :)

  6. Room looks great! I love the brown and the flowers are super cute! Just like you!

    HAIR! Can't wait to see her.

  7. LOVE the flowers, LOVE the brown walls, LOVELOVELOVE your painting and the blanket! Friend, Baby Girl 2011 is going to have absolutely the best life, the best parents, the best big sis, the best furry sis... SO excited for you!!

  8. I adore the flowers and the wall color.

    I concur with Sassy. You are a petite pregnant girl.

    27 days, friend. Unreal.

  9. Can you make me a blanket next? I love it!

    You look great! Can't believe you're in the home stretch now! WOW!

  10. I love seeing her room! Those wall flowers are so pretty! And I agree with the other comments - YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!

  11. @Charbelle - thank you! We like the bumper, too. I can't believe I've chosen BIRDS to be in her nursery. HA!

    @Sassytimes -You're kind. Thank you. And I'm hoping for the 7 lb. range, too.

    @Lauren - Thanks, friend.

    @Abbe - You're so sweet. Thank you.

    @SarahW - I appreciate your excitement. I'm right there with you, sista.

    @Iris - RIGHT? Yay for newborn baby hair.

    @WrittenPermission - you make me smile. :) Thank you for those kind words.

    @Wendy - Again, thank you. Too kind...

  12. I can't believe you'll be holding baby #2 in just a few short weeks! So excited for you!

    Love the flowers. I have butterflies like that in Aubrey's room (the tack ones, but I had to use putty to make them stick because my walls are garbage to nail anything into!) I'm going to post a pic on my blog!

  13. All I can say is LOVE.

    I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this post and it makes me make me smile. Can't wait to see Baby 2011!!

  14. For the record, you are NOT bigger than the tree, and you look absolutely amazing and beautiful!!


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