Oh, how I love thee.

1/12/2011 08:08:00 AM

During this pregnancy, I've both craved and had disdain for exactly several things.

First, the loathesome foods in the world:

1. onions. The smell of onions is wretched. Almost as wretched as...
2. chicken boiling. The smell of chicken stock and/or chicken boiling has nearly brought me to death.

NEXT, the fantastic things:

1. baked goods.
2. milk. A lot of milk. 2%.
3. cereal. Preferably Special K and corn flakes.

...and the finest of all...

4. caramel squares
5. COLD mandarin oranges.
6. COLD kiwi fruit

Oh yum. Oh yum. Oh yum.



  1. Fruit was a huge thing for me too during both pregnancies. When I'm not pregnant I really don't like it!

  2. Maybe it's a girl thing...with Abbey all I wanted was fruit (I ate an entire cantaloupe in one sitting, LOL) & dessert, chicken made me gag (even if it was cooked). I still don't really care for chicken anymore. With Evan it was all about pizza, milk and meat!

  3. With my daughter Amber all I wanted were shrimp and strawberries...and milk (I usually hate milk)...and it had to be ice cold (Id put ice cubes in it). Any food made me sick though (had terrible morning sickness til 7-8 months!)


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