MexMo: Thank you kindly Mexican fellow.

1/14/2011 11:40:00 AM

On my way into the office today I stopped at Office Max.

After I rolled out of my car, walked up the handicap ramp and started the walk toward the store all of the little membership cards that I have for stores in the States fell from my purse-thing on to the ground. (The zipper wasn't zipped.)

A man who had walked past me seconds before, turned around, saw me attempting to bend down with a watermelon under my shirt and proceeded to help me pick up all of the cards and then said congratulations on my baby.

Sweet man.

I love me a good samaritan.



  1. if only you had an iphone

  2. Oh, what a nice gentleman! I'm glad you had someone who was willing to come to your rescue. Good Samaritanism is in short supply these days, seems like.

  3. I agree with WP. Kind people are becoming extinct.

    p.s. I love your little gold bag!

  4. I love a good feel good story. Yay for nice people!


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