Look who opened her laptop.

It's me!


Friends - I cannot thank you enough for all of the sweet, kind and lovely comments, messages, the  email and all of the sentiments you've passed my way since the birth of our very sweet baby, Vivienne Kate. I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to write you all back individually. (In due time...)


I'm in love.

She's precious.

And I adore using her name... finally.

I'm feeling pretty great; mildly sore of course since you know, the c-section is a major surgery and all -- but all the way around I'm much better than I was the first time around.

I'll write more tomorrow; I'm hoping to have Vivienne's birth story written or at the very minimum, a bunch of great photos.

Until then, know that my heart is full. Complete.

And we're all very, very, very happy.




  1. i got choked up just reading this. i'm so happy for you, and love that she's THE perfect addition to complete your sweet family. *sigh* enjoy every minute! :)

  2. Kylee, I love you. She is just perfect.

  3. I had a dream last night that you, Craig, Lila, and Vivi Kate were all here. RATS! It wasn't true!!

    I'm so happy for the family :)

  4. Sigh. I'm just so happy for you, dear friend. Your little family is just perfection. I can't wait to hear and see even more about your little precious Vivienne. :)

  5. We are all so happy for you - loved reading your thoughts today.

    NO ONE ON THE PLANET expects you to write them individually. Even for you :) We will just keep checking your blog and facebook and love you from here.

    Enjoy your new bundle!


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