Lila Lunes: Ah, transitions...

Dear Lila Ross,

Yesterday was pretty fantastic.
In fact, this past weekend was great.

Here's why:

We played.

We hugged.

We sang.
We made faces.
You wore accessories.

We cried. (Ok, I cried.)
Then we smiled again.

Then we played some more.
And giggled.

Then we hugged some more.
And played some more.

Then YOU sang even more.
And read me books.

 I think we both needed to get lost in the comfort of that repetition. 

It was a weekend filled with laughing, constant chatting and an ample amount of reflection.

I needed this, because you see, sweet girl, today is the day that your sister will come into our lives.

We talked about it all weekend... and I think you're ready.

I'm so excited for you, Lila Ross.
I'm so excited that you will never remember a time without your sweet sister.
I'm so excited that you're gaining a best friend; a partner in life.
...someone to disagree with, to potentially share [and fight about] clothes with, to commiserate with when you're older...
...someone who will understand you and where you come from.
...someone who will nod in agreement when you say, "Mom is crazy."
...someone who will will always want the best for you.
...someone who will will hold your hand throughout life.

Sweet Lila, you were our gift... now it's time for your gift.

I love you sweet baby. And I always, always will.

Let's do this thing.

Your Mommy



  1. Sniff.

    My love to ALL of you!

    It only gets better. . .

  2. Oh, Yay, Yay, Yay!

    Best of luck to all of you! What a wonderful day.

  3. Dear Lila Ross,

    From one big sister to sisters are a treasure. I remember perfectly well the day your mommy came home (with way less hair than you had)and I remember thinking...she's MINE. She slept in my room, she made me laugh, and she was MY first baby.

    There is no better gift in the world that having a sister to be your have a magical and wonderful mommy and you will have the most special little sister to love and squeeze (and tell to JUST GO AWAY) imaginable. I couldn't be happier for you today, January 24, 2011...a perfect day for a new best friend to come into your life.

    And a little note to your mommy, MY baby sister....I love you, Kylee Ann. I am proud of you and I cannot wait to watch what you've created this time. All the love in my heart goes with you and Craig today and I cannot wait to meet Lila's baby sister later today.

    xo xo xo,
    Aunt t

  4. Oh geez you just made me cry at my desk! You are so sweet and I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend with Lila! Sending hugs!!! I can't wait to hear the news!!!!

  5. Lovely. Just lovely.

    So glad you and Lila had the perfect weekend together. I'm sure you will remember it forever.

    I'll bet someday Lila will thank you immensely for giving her the special gift of a baby sister. She'll be the gift that keeps on giving :) Lila is one lucky, precious girl.

    (Consider me glued to this blog ALL DAY!)

    Love you!

  6. That was so sweet! Best wishes your way on a happy and safe delivery! I am sure you are thrilled she came on her own! Happy Birthday Baby 2011!

  7. Oh, that made me cry. I'm thinking however this transition works out, it will be PERFECT, because YOU are a great mom.

    I'll be thinking of you all day Kylee!

  8. Yay! Go Kylee! Go Kylee! How fantastic! And this post was wonderful!!

  9. Just remember, Lila. You're bigger. You can beat her up!

    (C'mon, someone had to be the smartass!)

  10. God bless you all today as you welcome your newest addition.

    I pray for a safe and speedy delivery.

    Welcome new baby Pretzel!!

  11. Oh, I'm crying at my computer on a Monday.

    What a special letter on SUCH a special day!! I'm SO glad your mommy/daughter weekend was JUST what you wanted and needed.

    HOORAY for TODAY!!! :)

    Love you all!

  12. Praying for God's blessing on your very special day!!! Congrats to your soon to be family of FOUR!

  13. i will be glued to the ol' blog and facebook today too! praying for you all as you become a family of FOUR today! hooray!!

  14. Lila gets cuter with each Lila Lunes.

    I'm so happy for you, friend. I can not wait for the stories about your 2 ladies to start. You are going to be so, so happy.

  15. This gave me the chills and brought tears to my eyes. So beautifully written, such great pictures and memories, what a WONDERFUL day to spend with your daughter, and how fantastic that your world is about to get even better for all three of you!



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