Lapse of judgement.

1/19/2011 05:08:00 AM
While living on the Baja Peninsula is pretty fantastic for a bazillion reasons, the shopping blows.

Home decor options are treacherous. Not only are they sickeningly limited, they're always overpriced.

Sometimes you just throw in the towel and buy whatever you need - no matter what it looks like.

That said, we needed a new rug for by the kitchen sink. The tile is cold this time of year.
I'm guilty.

I bought this rug.

 It absolutely looks like a Bill Cosby sweater, doesn't it?

That's how we refer to it in our house.

"Craig, watch your manners. Don't spill that on the Bill Cosby sweater."

"Lila, get your books and sit on the Bill Cosby sweater."



I paid the equivalent of $25 for this rug.

We got home and I was like, "Hmmm... that's ugly."

Craig's response: "Yeah... maybe we should have gotten the green one."

I'm willing to say that the green-themed Cosby-sweater rug might not have been any better than what we got.


  1. oh man! that is FUNNY. and i agree that the green one was most likely NOT a better option...

    maybe you could get an AC Slater rug for the new baby's room?

  2. LOL! Funny you should post this today . . . one of my co-workers is wearing a Bill Cosby sweater today! ;-)

  3. Thanks for all your comments! You must have been reading last night.

    This post is so funny. Rugs are tricky to buy. They might look good online or in a store but you bring them home and yuck! I actually think this rug you got looks nice. And it won't show dirt.

    Blame it on your hormones. :-)

  4. How sad that I LIKE the Bill Cosby Sweater rug?? (I do not, however, like the actual Bill Cosby sweaters. That has to be one '80s trend that WON'T resurface, right?)

    "Lila, go sit on the Cosby Sweater."

    I miss you. :)

  5. ahhhahahah. WP made me laugh. . .Lila, sit on the Cosby sweater. That's funny.

    I don't think its too bad. . . the rug, that is.

  6. @Trophy Life - OMG. "AC Slater" rug. Awesome.

    @thegrumbles - I'm telling you. This rug is an embarrassment.

    @gavinsmom - People are STILL wearing these sweaters? Make a citizen's arrest.

    @Chicago Mom - I love your blog. My pleasure. And you're right, rugs are trick and it DOES hide dirt well. :)

    @Written Permission - I love that you are the lone horse who likes the rug. Lol.

    @Summer - Wait a minute! You like the rug too? Perhaps I should find a way to get you and WP rugs of your own.

  7. HAHAH!

    Yes, that is a bit masculine for your taste. Way to turn it into something funny though.

  8. teehee. I remember growing up we always got groceries on Thursday nights, and that was Cosby night. So we always ate banana splits and watched Cosby.


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