Judgement, here I come.
Amber on MTV's Teen Mom is too much.

1/03/2011 06:38:00 PM

Alright, here's my disclaimer: I watched MTV's 16 and Pregnant when I was pregnant for Lila and when she was a newborn. I'm not sure what the draw was. It could have been that I was hormonal. Or, maybe that I knew that these girls were in over their heads because I was there too. (And I was 30.) I sort of enjoyed the message and the reality of the situation. I mean, newborns ain't easy. (amen?) This show, in my opinion, did anything but glorify teen mommyhood.

(I particularly enjoyed Farah and Kaitlyn.)

And, I even continued watching "Teen Mom" after season one of 16 and Pregnant was finished. (I had to see how these girls and their babies were doing.)

That said, did ya'll hear the latest about Amber Portwood (one of the teen mom "stars") over Christmas?

Background info:

#1. Amber is the baby mama who has sweet little Leah with her on-again, off-again boyfriend/fiance Gary Shirley.

#2. Amber is also the one with the crazy-anger issues. Recall that in one of the final episodes she proceeded to verbally abuse and then physically abuse her baby daddy as he attempted to leave her home. And please recall that she constantly screams, yells and utilizes a boat-load of profanity in front of her deer-in-the-headlights baby girl.

Overall, Amber is ridiculous. The truth of the matter is that she behaves appallingly. She's incompetent, lazy, and whines and whines throughout the show. She dates nasty people and welcomes them into her house. Most of all, she doesn't take ownership for any of her actions. Ever. She acts like a pig.

I said it.

A pig.

Moving on: she recently revealed to a magistrate during a court appearance (for assault on her ex) that per six-month interval, her contract with MTV affords her $140k.

That's $140,000 for six months of "work" as a "TV personality."

She's on track to make $280,000 for this past year's "appearance" on Teen Moms.

Oh boy.

There are so many things wrong with this.

And truth? I don't want to hear anybody out there sticking up for her. She's a brat. We've seen her be a brat. I'm not sure what I expected. OF COURSE she's compensated. I get that. But when I read about how much she's compensated... it sort of leaves a sour taste in my mouth. (Now I'm curious how much the Duggars make... Do they split that by 21?)

So yeah, the only way that Amber making anything above $35k per year would be acceptable [to me] is if ALL of the cash was deposited into her daughter's name. I mean, without Leah Amber would be just another clueless and entitled kid.

I'm so glad that getting pregnant worked out so well for Amber.
It's Leah that I worry about.



  1. OMG....I'm sorry to know how much she makes now. Sad.

    I feel so bad for that little Leah girl. She's such a sweetie and is being raised by an animal.

    (My husband just told me he heard a story about teen girls TRYING to get pregnant to be on that show. INSANE. How is that 'cool'?)

  2. I watch the shows too. I feel horribly for Amber's daughter. Amber is just a bad mo-jo jammer. And Gary is just GROSS.

  3. I like the shows too, I couldnt believe when Amber kicked him in the back when he was walking down the stairs...crazy...and to think Mtv didnt intercept? I cant stand the way she acts around her daughter. Gary may be gross, but at least he tries and does take good care of Leah.
    Farrah was my fave too! And Kaitlyn & Tyler were great also.
    I see Teen Mom 2 is starting Jan 11. (didnt really follow those new girls, but I will watch anyway.)

  4. i think you should switch from MTV to NPR podcasts with baby 2011. Some prairie home companion or culturetopia could do you good :) Less stress, more calming.

  5. As a country we really have our priorities wrong when people like this can make a bunch of money for acting like trash and there are SO many professions where people work hard and make hardly anything. Messed up.


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