I love this kid.

1/04/2011 05:08:00 AM

Would anyone like to comment on how big my cupcake is getting? Whoa.
She was playing in the dirt and was having **such** a great time when this picture was taken. (The hat was her accessory.) You can tell by how squinty her eyes and nose are that she was having a fantastic time.

Love it. LOVE IT.



  1. Stop it. She's too big! This looks like her senior picture and she's preparing to go off to college in the fall!

    Great smile!

  2. OMG, look at the HAIR! Ky, she is a doll. A really grown-up, not-at-all-18-month-old-NO-WAY doll. I just want to smoosh that face! :)

  3. This scares me. There is NO WAY she should look that much UNlike a baby already.

    Insanity. Pure, ridiculous unfairness. They should have to stay little just a bit longer.

    (she's absolutely adorable. She looks like a fun little gal to play with!)

  4. Oh lord! She has like, teeth and everything!


  5. Seriously, she looks SO grown up! Crazy.

    She is so stink'n cute.


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