Errors, errors everywhere.

1/06/2011 05:10:00 AM

I can't stand it when I have spelling and grammar errors on the 'ole blog.

And, I've noticed that said errors have made an appearance a tad bit more frequently than I prefer lately.

I blame this baby. I literally think like this:

"I have to do  _______. I have to buy ______. Oh my gosh, did I do _________. I need to email _________. Oh wait, I've got to turn an ad in to __________. Did I ever email __________ back?"

It's 24/7.

It's this baby's fault. (By the way, I cannot WAIT to start using her name.)

I mean, has anyone looked at the crazy baby spinning on the right-hand side of this blog? We're getting close, kids and friends. We're getting close.

And, mildly off topic: all baby updates regarding the birth of my sweet little one will be made on the 'ole blog. I've decided that I more than likely won't tweet the birth of my sweet baby girl. It just doesn't feel right.

So, stay tuned to the blog.



  1. i think it's great that tweeting "doesn't seem right" : ). makes me smile.

    it's KILLING me not knowing her name, but i cannot wait until she is here safe and sound and we know her (what will obviously be) awesome name.

  2. @Trophy Life - you know, it just doesn't feel right... Tweeting the birth of a new life? Eh. Nah. Not sure why, but blogging about the birth of new life seems more acceptable to me... :)

    I hope you like her name...

  3. What was that about you sitting down and relaxing more? How's that working out? :)

    I can't WAIT to hear the name!! (Even if it really DOES turn out to be Nutella. Hee.)

  4. glad to know exactly media source to stalk for birth news. that's a great relief. :) and i, too, cannot WAIT to know the name once this little chica makes her debut!

  5. LESS THAN A MONTH! Can't wait to hear her name.

  6. I can't wait to know her name...24 more days (or less).

    ...and I can't wait to hear her birth story. I hope it goes as wonderful as possible for you.

  7. Was my tweeting a faux pas and I didn't know???


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