Ah, these are the days.

1/14/2011 02:46:00 PM
  • I think I'm hyper-aware of any potential labor-type symptoms. Literally every little bit of pressure I feel makes me ask, "Was that a contraction?" Or, the ever popular: "Is my water going to break while I'm at work?" 
  • I keep wondering, "Should I be timing these contractions?" then I forget and start blogging or something.
  • Note: I didn't feel my contractions early on with Lila. Had no idea I was in labor.
  • My husband just came to work to deliver me lunch and I've got to tell you that's it's super annoying that during this pregnancy he's actually gotten into better shape. He's lost weight and pant sizes. (He's doing an early-morning, on-the-beach bootcamp with this guy.) Where's the justice? I've gained 34 lbs and he's lost weight. Boo.
  • I'd like a 3 musketeers.
  • Maybe that's why I'm gaining and he's losing.


  1. That might just prove you love him more LOL!!!! Jeff was courteous enough to gain with both pregnancies.

    That really is awesome though, wish I could get motivated for a bootcamp but I still feel the 3 musketeers sounds better.

  2. Oh, how I remember that last week (or so) of pregnancy. I used to wake up and pray that if this was the day, just PLEASE do not let my water break in public, or on our carpet, or on our furniture, or in our bed, or in the car....you get my drift. I was always terrified. Luckily, it broke both times in the hospital, right as I felt the need to push.

    I'm so excited for you!!!

    You deserve a candy bar. You do.


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