1, 2, 3... breathe.

1/07/2011 05:08:00 AM

On Thursday our house guest of more than two months left.

('Twas my Mom whom I love dearly)

Now I can walk around with my pants off.

Going to take this time (when I should be writing a witty post) to just be.


Note: Do you remember the VW beatles above? I specifically remember the color. It was vapor. And I believe, they were only available online back in 2000. (Yep - see here. Had to google it.) (Gasp! That was when buying something THAT LARGE online was INCREDIBLE.) Anywho - as an overall hater of the color of blue, I've always adored that vapor color. Not necessarily for a car, but for the breath of fresh air that it is.

...Odd how some things just stick with you.


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