Why wouldn't you want a tooth-shaped pillow?

Best Tooth Fairy Pillow I've ever seen:

$28.00. Land of Nod. See here.

(I think I'm turning into my mother. That is precisely the quirky tooth pillow my Mom would have provided for me. Someone stop me if I promise to give one or both of my daughters a stone-washed jean jacket if they get a bowl-cut in the 3rd grade.)

[spelling error in title has been corrected. Thanks everyone!]



  1. I should take a picture of the ridiculously cute tooth fairy pillows my sister in law made for my daughter. They'd sell for a high price if THESE are $28.

  2. A friend of mine makes tooth fairy pillows that are ADORABLE!!! She custom makes them for the interest of your child (princess, pirate, etc.) They are awesome.


  3. i actually really like it. which is odd, because normally i'm not into that kind of stuff. but it's SO CUTE.


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