What, oh what, will my baby be named?

12/08/2010 05:08:00 AM

I'll tell you what, her name is not found on this list of top 100 names of 2010. (But I was pleased to see that my name spelled, "Kylie" was still cool after all these years. I'm #26.)

Speaking of baby names, this is a great article my sister sent me. It's, "What your baby's name says about you." Made me smile...

And regarding the baby's name... some have asked why I haven't shared the baby's name.

Here's why:

I like that right now, she's mine.
I like that right now, the only ones who call her by her name are C. and I.
I feel that since we'll more than likely be having a scheduled c-section, there needs to be at least one element of surprise to her birth.
I like that it's my story to tell, when I'm ready.
And I'm a really-pregnant woman who needs some semblance of control in my life.

So, here's your hint: The name contains four vowels. (No guesses, please. :)



  1. Zofia doesn't count as Sophia, right?

    Remember when I emailed you all the first names of people that shared your last name on the babies r us registry site? That's where you picked the name from, isn't it?

  2. Boo...Sophia is #1. I've loved that name since my teen years - I never knew it was that popular until I started seeing these lists. I've still never met another little girl (under 4) named Sophia. I'm sure when she goes to school, that'll be a different story. :(

    I have a guess I'll keep to myself, but is it 4 different vowels or just four vowels? I think it's a name we almost chose....

  3. I think it's great that you're keeping the name a secret (as much as it's killing the rest of us!). :) There are so few true surprises in life!

  4. I agree, I think it is wonderful to keep the name a secret and to have this time with just you, C & the baby!

    A few years ago when I looked up Henry when we decided that IF we ever have a boy that would be his name, it was not on the Top 100 list at all. But I just looked and it is #61. In the last 10 years it has gone from 1300 per million babies with the name to today nearly 4000 per million babies with that name. That is crazy to see the trend of baby names and what is popular!

    I LOVE looking up baby names. And I think it is cool your name isn't on the Top 100 :)

  5. @nadja - correct. Zofia is definitely different from Sophia. (But both are lovely.) And I MUST find that email where you told me my name options. Omg. That was so funny.

    @Sassytimes - I, too, love the name Sophia. It's sweet and timeless and feminine and lovely. Well done. And the vowels are all different... well, sort of.)

    @written permission - thank you, friend.

    @wrestling kitties - I love the name Henry. In fact, a good friend of mine down here has a Henry and he's the sweetest thing... He'll be turning 1 soon.

  6. that CNN article made me smile. and i LOVE surprises.

    p.s. - my word veri is "Parize" - that has 3 vowels... just sayin'.


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