Snobby or not. I like a good foundation.

12/16/2010 05:08:00 AM
I'm not known for being overwhelmingly thrifty with the purchasing of my underclothes. I'll pay for what I think is quality. Here's why:

1.) I don't want my uptop to droop.
2.) Many of us wear bras EVERY single day - they should at least be comfortable, no?
3.) I hate cheap underwire poking me.
4.) I hate to itch and refuse to wear bras that induce itching.

That said, I recently bought some cheap-o bras to tide me over during my pregnancy. Why? Because wearing my old bras was akin to wearing one of those uber-small braces rubber bands on your wrist. Remember those teeny rubber bands that were colored that people would put on their braces? Yeah. You know what I'm talking about.

The purchase was not a fabulous decision.

Cheap bras are the worst.

They wash terribly.
The straps are perpetually falling down and shifting.
They don't keep their shape.
They itch.
They're the worst.

I will never again waste the money on two crappy Calvin Klein bras in a box from Costco again.

And I implore you not to, as well.

Your girls will thank you.



  1. Well, what IS your favorite bra?

  2. I am a firm believer in a good bra! I was in Chicago with a girlfriend and she says to me " I wish I had boobies like yours". I laughed! I told her it's just a good bra, that also fits. I took her to Victoria Secrets (which she had never been) and had her fit properly! SHE HAS BOOBIES NOW! Spend the money when it comes to something that is a necessity!

  3. Agreed. I will spend money on bras. I hate the cheap ones when the straps fall down or the wire squeaks - what is that?

    I have embraced the three hook - yes THREE, but it makes a huge difference in appearance and support. It's not like the movies where I could potentially be whipping off my shirt and need a sexy bra at all times. Come on now.


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