...slight chuckle.

12/15/2010 10:35:00 AM
I was talking to my Mom last night about Ferg. And about how she really needs a bath. Badly. And a haircut. Badly.

My Mom is a dog-lover and has brought her sidekick, Cuddles, with her to Mexico this time. Cuddles had just gotten a bath yesterday.

I told my Mom that if ever she's in a pinch, she could do what we do: rub her dog with a dryer sheet.


Then, of course, I immediately thought of The Martha and wondered if she'd ever stand behind this household tip.

I can imagine it now:

"If you're in a pinch before your holiday extravaganza and realize that you didn't have time to bathe your Shetland pony, fancy show cat or purebred dog, simply retrieve a dryer sheet from your laundry room and apply a few swift back and forth motions on your pet's dander. Within mere moments your pet will smell elegantly and be ready to enjoy your holiday gala."


Yes, friends. This is how I think.



  1. Louis bought some actual dog wipes, but I gotta tell ya, wiping a dryer sheet on them would be as, if not more, effective.

  2. What if you stopped using dryer sheets and switched to the Bounce Dryer Bar? Do you just throw your dog in the dryer?

    I kid I kid, Devo is way to big for the dryer.

  3. You are brilliant. You'd better believe I'm trying this on Murray the second I get home. (Bubba gets a pass.)

  4. i don't have a pet, but might try it on the hubs. just for fun, mind you. he *hopefully* smells better than the fergster. :)


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