Real versus fake.

12/02/2010 05:08:00 AM
There's a long line of examples that could be used to back up the argument that "real" is far superior to "artificial."

For example:

1.) Real mashed potatoes are far better than insant ones.
2.) Natural light is far better than artificial light. (Especially the nasty halogen lights that hang in most public restrooms.)
3.) Real cook-and-serve pudding is better than instant pudding.

I could go on and on.

However, I clearly see the argument that sometimes fake is better.

In the case of Christmas trees, though? I'm here to say that REAL trees are better. They just are.

However, given our location and the lack of pine and fir trees, it appears that aside from a palm tree our only true lasting option is a Christmas tree of the artificial variety. Why? Well, the other ones dry out pretty darn quickly here. And really? Really? Who has the time to vacuum up needles

So, do you want to see our tree?

...And, our mini tree.

Ho, ho, ho.



  1. I Just have to say, that I hate cook-and-serve pudding. I accidentally bought it last month to make a couple desserts and I wasn't happy.

    I thought it tasted gummy/gooey. The texture was just weird.

    But I'll agree with you on everything else. Even the Christmas tree, even though I will always have an artificial one. I'm paranoid of fires, and had a neighbor once who brought home a real tree only to find out it had a spider nest in it! Ugh, makes me shiver - she had thousands of spiders, baby spiders all over the place.

  2. So pretty!

    I love a real tree and have never had a problem with needles (the farm where we cut them down shakes the tree out for us before we take it home). There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh cut pine tree filling our house. ...and I just love the experience of walking through lines of trees to find the perfect one. ...and then Daddy becomes a hero when he cuts it down to take home. So sweet.

  3. I was just getting ready to agree about the real trees because they smell amazing, and then I read Sarah's comment about the spider nest. Noooooooo. No no. Fake is where it's at, yes indeedy. (My head is itchy now.)

    Friend, your Christmas tree is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Are some of the decorations from the States, or are all of them Mexican ware? Either way, it's gorgeous. Does Lila just LOVE it?

  4. Sarah - did you grow up with instant or cook and serve? I think that makes all the difference. I grew up with cook and serve, Craig grew up with instant. I refuse to make instant.

    Sassytimes - Thank you! (When we were in Ohio we never had "needle issues", either. I love the smell of a FRESH CUT CHRISTMAS TREE!)

    Written Permission - YES! All of the decor on the Christmas arbol is from Mexico - barring a few random ornaments that were gifts. Lila LOVES it. She touches the bulbs all the time... gently, of course.

  5. I guess I probably did grow up with instant, but I'm really not sure. I've never been a huge pudding fan in general though, so I don't really know!

  6. When you said Natural Light I immediately thought of beer.

    PS Fresh cut pine is incredible.

  7. I love your mini tree! And the big one too. I'm a fan of fake trees because it's what I grew up with. I have a beloved white fake tree. My husband really despises it. But I really love it.


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