Produce Report: 34 weeks

What's that? A mere SIX weeks left? Absolutely. As it turns out, I am due to have a child in 41 days. Will I have her sooner?  Oy!

Q: How is the baby?
A: She's great! We had an appointment last week and she is now in the head-down position, which is a good thing.

She also weighs approximately 5 lbs - which is right on target with what she's supposed to weigh.

Q. How am I feeling physically?
A. Oh boy, I'm slowing down a bit. Ok, a lot. Truth is my stomach is very round. Bending down to pick up things? Not easy. Number of things Lila drops per day? 629. I'm definitely at the getting-tired-more-easily point and am hovering at the sleeping-is-no-longer-comfortable point.

One of my favorite things, though? Baby Girl 2011 gets the hiccups all.of.the.time. (So did Lila.) They always make me smile.

Q. How am I doing emotionally?
A. I'm SO excited. I mean, I am REALLY excited. I cannot WAIT to meet this little girl. Ok, sure... I can wait... but may the record state that I'm really excited. I talked with my doctor a lot about the delivery of Baby Girl 2011 and I feel much more comfortable than I did before.

Q. How is the weight gain at this point?
A. Solid. :) I've gained 28 lbs. According to the books and websites I've read I'm consistently at the "maximum".  HA! At least I'm consistent. What do I get for consistency? Brownies. Hmmm...

Q. Is the baby's room done yet?
A. Nope! But seriously, let's be honest - it's so hard to get things done right now. The holidays, work full-time for both C. and I... Craziness. However, C. is really working on it. I'm pretty excited to decorate it after he's got it in order.

We did some maternity shots last Sunday to commemorate what will more than likely be the birth of our final baby. 

(I was loading these maternity photos on to my computer and threw them in a folder I had previously made when I FIRST found out I was pregnant for Baby Girl 2011. This is the first picture that popped up when I opened the folder. Me. 5 weeks pregnant. CRUEL. It's amazing how much a body can change.)


Merry Christmas, ya'll.



  1. Those pictures are truly fabulous!!! Y'all look gorgeous!!!

  2. um, OMG, your pictures are fabulous! and the last one had me cracking up!

    you look lovely, i'm SO SO thrilled for you guys. she's getting closer!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. They made me smile. You, as always, are beautiful!

  4. Beautiful photos! I love that first one with the grass in the background.

    You look great.

  5. You do look great - like supermodel great. I love the one of you looking to the side in black and white - gorgeous. Also the one of you and Craig looking at each other. Lovely.

    These are wonderful pictures and I think it's amazing how you have chronicled your journey. Think about being able to go back and SHOW Lila and Baby 2011 all of this?

    Good for you - you are quite amazing.

    Thanks for posting and sharing!

  6. Your pictures are absolutely amazing Ky!! Stunning, gorgeous...there are no words. How fun!

  7. It's a darn good thing you are simply a gorgeous pregnant lady!! Awesome truly look fab:)


  8. there would be a lot more babies in this world if everyone looked this hot while pregnant. i've not even had a baby yet, and know that this part of life won't be fair to me... :) thanks for sharing your joy (and hotness) with your peeps. merry christmas! :)

  9. I was SO expecting the photos!!! They are a.w.e.s.o.m.e, and you look BONITA BONITA BONITA!

  10. Oh my goodness, these are fabulous! You look beautiful.

    I think it's so great that you have these.

  11. You are so very brave. But your skin looks beautiful (I have scars from my gall bladder surgery and am very pale since it is winter here). These are such great memories for the two of you and for the new little girl for when she is in this state someday.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Look at you?! You are one sexy the pictures and love how you embrace your pregnancy in these pictures! So beautiful :)


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