Paul Sr. is a jerk.

Why, oh why, have I been pulled into the Sr. versus Jr. war on this season of American Choppers?

(I just re-read that sentence above.
I can't believe I wrote it. What's happening to me?)

But it's true, back when American Choppers started a hundred years ago on TLC, C. used to watch it. Unintentionally, I began watching it, too. (The same was the case for LOST. He watched it; I joined in. Oddly, this little scenario has never worked in reverse. Craig STILL doesn't watch 16 and Pregnant or most shows on Bravo. He doesn't know what he's missing.)

Moving on.

In better times. Mikey, Jr. and Paul Sr. with Jon and Kate Gosselin.
How random, no?
Have you witnessed the recent relationship-on-parade between Paul Teutel Sr. and his son, Pauly Teutel Jr. on the show? It's ridiculous.

Now, I'm not a man. Nor have I ever been one. And, I would imagine that the relationship a son has with his father can either be incredible or somewhat complicated. I imagine that dynamics are pretty varied: the son is never good enough, the Dad expects too much. The son can't forge his own way without his Dad always throwing in his two cents... but then again the Dad means well and just wants for his son to be a better man. The story lines go on and on.

(Anyone singing, "The Cat's in the Cradle" right now?)

Anywho, as someone who lost their Dad when I was 10-years-old, I'm not entirely certain how a father/daughter or a father/son relationship works on a grown-up level so I'm not here to offer any advice.

All I do know is that when I see the antagonistic relationship that Senior continuously maintains with Junior, it makes me angry... and makes my heart hurt at the same time.

Sure, I don't know the whole story.
Sure, they're airing their dirty laundry over cable TV.

But hear me on this: anger and grudge holding only hurts the grudge holder. And words? Oh, dear friends, mean and nasty words are never forgotten. They sear hearts. How unfortunate that TLC (and Paul Jr.) have a taped record of all of the nasty things that Senior says about his son.

I hope these two work it out. I don't want to have to see The Locater get them back together years from now.


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  1. Louis watches this, as does Zofia. I've wondered who was responsible for the demise of their relationship. Shame on Senior.

    16 and Pregnant is one of my favorite shows eva!! Then Teen Mom? Please. That's television gold. I could talk about those young ladies all day.


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