Lila Lunes: 17.5 months

12/13/2010 05:08:00 AM

Dear Sweet Lila.

You're too much.

In the past couple of weeks you've gotten to spend some very good time with your Nana. We're all pretty confident that you're better with her when we're not around. (I hear this is normal with other humans around your age.)

You've just unveiled a couple more teeth and continue to loathe and despise the entire teething process. I'm sort of glad you're not older and going through this because I'm pretty confident you'd be swearing at us.

You love to take walks.
You love to play with your wooden shapes box.
You hate it when people help you. In fact, this past week you bit (!!!) someone (your Nana) after she watched you struggle to pull yourself up on a piece of furniture and merely helped you. (Mmmmhmmm... you had your very first time-out. Hey - it was necessary.)
You love Christmas cookies (no frosting or sprinkles, please.)
You love your Green Eggs and Ham book right now, too.
And wearing my sunglasses...

You've made me especially happy lately when you've let me hold you and rock you before bed. You cuddle with me - and just happened to fall asleep with me one day last week. Then, on another day when we were rocking and chatting, rocking and chatting before bed - I cried a little. And then I sniffed.

And then you sniffed.

And then I sniffed again.

And then you sniffed again.


Then we both laughed and I squeezed you and you sighed. Then I sighed. Then I realized it all over again:

I love being your Mommy.


On to your pictures...

This little "sink for outside" is seriously one of the best purchases we ever made.

This bib? ALSO one of the best purchases. Especially now that Lila eats cereal for breakfast.

I love this dress. Lila's wearing a belt. It came with a belt. A belt. A belt.

And, it was time to take our annual Christmas card. Here are a few outtakes... (When I say "a few" I actually mean eleven.)

Believe it or not, mini Christmas trees are not indigenous to Cabo.

"Um, there's sand on my toe. Someone? Anyone? Remove it?"

I love those pigs.

Look at that sweet girl.

"I'm smiling, but there is still sand on my foot."

Sweet girl.

Sweet baby.

My Christmas elf.

Here's the pic that we ended up using. (Should be in mailboxes this week!) (Click to make larger.)

Have a great week!




  1. Love her accessories in the photos. She is so stylish. Your card is a slice of perfection. Beautiful.

  2. This made me cry. Wow, friend. I can just see you rocking Lila and sniffing and sighing together and it feels. . . so nice. I'm so glad you have her and she has you guys.

    Your daughter has a great head of hair, just like her mommy.

  3. OK, crying. Crying and sniffing. What a precious memory, friend. I'm so thrilled for you and your soon-to-be gaggle of girls. :) Love you.

    (That photo shoot? Inspired and gorgeous and hilarious and sweet. Love.It.)

  4. LOVE the holiday shoot! Super cute necklace! SQUEEZE!

  5. What fun! Those photos are great! What a beautiful backdrop!

  6. So so so cute...and her sass is like no other. the rocking chair story melted my heart.



  7. Christmas photo shoot is extremely cute! How fun!

    Also, I've been meaning to tell you... I love your new blog banner. Very nice. :)

  8. I hope I'm on that Christmas card list. I need that cuteness in my mailbox!

    So glad that you two had such a moment. I'm sure it was treasured from both sides.

  9. LOL...oh the elf ears, I love them! I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million more, she is adorable! I love her little Crocs too!

  10. Oh my goodness, those beach pictures are just fantastic!

    And I just love how expressive she is, I totally see you in those pictures. She is getting SO big! Great pictures


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