A candy cane I have not.

12/14/2010 09:39:00 AM
It has recently occurred to me (just now) that I haven't tasted a candy cane in possibly several years. (Aren't those candy canes above beautiful?)

I blame Cabo.

I also blame Cabo for my current lack of Christmas spirit. It's 75 degrees right now. Boo.


I do love snow... for Christmas. After Christmas, I'm pretty much over it. Thinking of all of you Ohioans...



  1. I'll trade your weather for the 15 degrees we have here in NWOhio the past couple of days! Especially after a morning of no heat at work! Yikes!

  2. We're thinking of you, too... :(

    Candy canes are overrated. The real question is: Do they have Reese's Peanut Butter Trees?

  3. I wish snow and Taco Bell were shippable.


  4. they have candy canes at waldo's

  5. I agree with WP. . . Candy canes are only starlight mints with a different shape.

    I wish I could send you snow. At least your pregnant self won't be slipping on the ice. ;)


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