Time well spent.

12/07/2010 11:07:00 PM
I'm lucky for a lot of reasons.

One? I live within 3 minutes driving time to the beach.

Lila Ross and I went to the beach today for about an hour and a half

We played.

And it was fantastic.

I didn't take my camera, just my phone. We did bring Lila's toys and well, snacks. (Of course.)

It was wonderful. And sweet. And cute. And my baby girl? She's growing up.

I was blessed enough to witness my little cupcake proudly walk in the sand BAREFOOT for the first time. (This is a big deal for her. Lila cannot abide even so much as a leaf stuck to her hands or feet.) She even immersed her legs in the sand and giggled while she pulled them free. (See? Her feet are in the SAND in that picture!)

She played, walked, attempted to run and most importantly, used her sand toys to dig and dig and dig and dig. Oh, and we saw doggies ("dog, dog!" and horses.)

I'd say it was a red-letter hour or so for both of us.

I need to carve out hours like this far more often.

Just me and my cupcake.



  1. What a wonderful afternoon for both of you. There is nothing like that solid, uninterrupted, one-on-one time. Good for you!!

  2. I promise you that when you have 2 cupcakes you will enjoy it twice as much. Why? Because not only is it wonderful to be with cupcakes, but you'll get to see the love, fun, and friendship blossom between them. For some reason it isn't even upsetting when Athena chooses Zofia over me :)

  3. So very sweet! Glad you got to spend valuable one on one time with her.

  4. Absolutely love this. This post just makes me smile and I am SO happy the two of you had this day :)


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