How could I not blog about this?

Ok, so Kathy Griffin (G-list comic and "celebrity") looks fantastic in this swimsuit. (The swimsuit is stupid-looking, but her body?)

She's 50.

That's half a century.

She's 50 years old and looks like that.

Shall we conspire and discuss all of the work that she's had done to her curepo (body?) I mean, clearly there's been a bit of work done, no? And, shall we also mention that she's never had children? Her stomach actually appears to be concave.

Consider this pregnant lady jealous.



  1. Okay...umm....wasn't Kathy Griffin all anti-plastic surgery years ago because she 'almost died' during lipo? I remember her talking on some show about how low her self-esteem was and how she wished she was just okay with herself and didn't feel pressure for plastic surgery... Appears she may be a hypocrite.

    She looks great though....outside of her stomach. That looks a little odd.

  2. Can I tell you that I fear I'm permanently going to have a pooch after child #3 (or ever fit into my normal clothes again - 7 months post-baby).... each child gets harder to get off the weight. Ahhhh! So that was my first thought when I saw her.... Yep, she hasn't had kids.

  3. I worked with a makeup artist who was that age and looked like that. It pisses me off, but should it? I mean, I'm the one who can't leave the peanut butter alone.


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