Conversation with my husband.

12/28/2010 07:15:00 AM

The other day C. and I were talking about things you shouldn't say to co-workers, or to anyone, for that matter.

C: "You should never say that you're stomach hurts to anyone. Ever."

Me: "Why not?"

C: "Because the person you're talking to will immediately think, if not say, 'Do you need to go to the bathroom?' and that's uncomfortable for everybody."

Me: [silent.]

C: "You should always just say you have a headache. Even if it's your stomach."


And there you have it.




  1. Good point - I could not agree more. Same goes for womanly stuff. I hate it when people talk about cramp....then we all know you are on your, well, you know. Personal business people!

  2. HA! He is a wise one, that Craig.

    That is a very good point!


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