Conversation with my husband.

12/22/2010 05:10:00 AM

The other night we had just gotten into bed and C. mentioned that he was still hungry.

Huge bummer. I hate that. This is precisely why I keep crackers (and Tums) on my nightstand.

So, here's our very romantic in-the-dark convo:

Me: "I have some crackers. Want some?"

Him:  "Men don't eat crackers."

Me: "What do men eat?"

Him: "Bacon."


And there you have it.


(I love him. He'd rather starve then eat crackers in bed because men don't eat crackers. They eat bacon.)



  1. If you would post these conversations on a daily basis. . . I would be happy.

    You two are awesome!

  2. what if the crackers had cheese AND bacon on them?

  3. Jayber - we've got these new crackers that actually have BACON in them that we're trying out on Christmas Eve. I have a feeling C. will eat them... :)

  4. You need a like button on this blog.


  5. Ha! Paul really liked this post, too. Tell Craig he agrees.


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