Ready...set...go, baby turtles!

Last night I had the distinct honor of being part of my very first turtle release. The Cabo Tortuga non-for-profit foundation was part of an opening cocktail party that my company was co-sponsoring for a standup paddleboard tournament this weekend.

Anywho, they released 500 sea turtles into the ocean. So cool.

They were cute as buttons.

...and back to their rightful home they go.



  1. Oh my gosh those things are cute. What a cool event!!

  2. that is SOOO cute. i'm not sure if i've ever seen such a small, baby turtle like that.

  3. Oh, I'm in love! They are just too cute! And how fun, regardless of the animal, to see so many released back into their natural home.

    We used to vacation in the Outer Banks, just a few miles from a National Wildlife Refuge. One year when we were there at the time that the baby turtles were hatching and making their way to the ocean. It was an awesome sight.

  4. OMG! So cute. How awesome that you got to be a part of that! :)

  5. Seriously, how cute and fun is that?! Love it

  6. How awesome! This is on my bucket list.

  7. Wow! How did I miss this? So cool.


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