Produce Report: 30 weeks

Holy cow. I'm 30 weeks pregnant. This means that I have just 10 weeks (give or take) left to be pregnant.

Yes. You read that correctly.
According to my baby is the size of a cabbage (whatever). And, also according to the forgetfullness that I'm experiencing is pretty normal in pregnant women. Word on the street is that reduced brain volume is due in part to (thanks again...) hormones. Fabulous. I'll tell you what - these hormones do a number on pregnant women from the get. To then take away my much-needed brain volume?  Not cool.

Makes me just want to sleep forever.

Q. How am I feeling?
A. Physically? I'm feeling big. I'm pretty confident that I've reached the, "no-longer-glowing, just-feeling-huge" part of my pregnancy. I'd be lying if I said that I was comfortable.

Q. Am I sleeping at night?
A. I am! But here's pregnancy confession #1: I always sleep on my back. I try to fall asleep on my side, but no matter what - I wake up on my back. (You're supposed to attempt to sleep on your back to provide optimal oxygen to your unborn baby. Article here.) Bottom line? I'll know when to not sleep on my back, it'll become more uncomfortable. I shall listen to my body on this one.

Random pregnancy thoughts: 
(Because "random" is all I can do at this point.)
  • I'm pretty close to losing my belly button. It looks like it's going to flip inside-out any day now. (Gross.)
  • I'm pretty exhausted pretty much all day everyday. My "rest-level" just hasn't been the same this time around.
  • I'm not ready for Baby Girl 2011 to make her way into this world. Ten weeks left seems like far too short of a time... but then again, being pregnant for 10 more weeks seems semi-blech. "Kylee, APPRECIATE THIS TIME." (This is what I keep telling myself.)
  • Water retention is not fun.
Q. Why am I not ready to have this second baby girl?
A. I'll be honest... I need some more time to get used to the idea. (The idea of being a mom of two daughters.)  I'm already grieving my "Lila/Mommy" time. I'm sad that our lives are about to change. (Yes, I know that the change is "for the better" and that "they'll be best friends in no time at all," but still. It's hard.) Lila has been the center of our universe for 17 very short months. In 2 more months, she'll be sharing our attentions. In fact, my attention is going to be very directed to her baby sister for a while.

This makes me sad.

What gives me confidence is that ages of Dads and Moms have been through this before us. They've felt these exact same emotions. They've come out on the other side of happy and said, "Yep - this is how it's supposed to be."

I'm just waiting to get to that point.

Ok, on to the pics for this week.

This is what I'm supposed to look like, according to

This is what I look like:

Here's another pic of us.

And finally, I've learned that the clothes that do fit often times don't match. It's a bummer.

Tah-tah, for now.



  1. that woman has FAR TOO MANY moles on her upper torso. A walking example of not enough sunscreen.

    You, on the other hand, look gorgeous (and well protected from the sun).

    Lila has cousins (and a boatload of cousin's friends), two aunts, an uncle to keep her company and to say nothing of the fact that the child is more independent that the two of us put together....This shouldn't make you feel any less mournful, but at least confident that we will help pick up the slack while things with Nutella get to a new norm.

  2. I adore your outfit in the last picture. And in all honesty, you look wonderful.

    I'm gonna tell you right now, you probably won't warm to the idea of dos babies until she's here for about a week. At least, that's what it took for me. The terror and grieving of Athena time didn't stop for the whole pregnancy.

    Love you :)

  3. Ah, I remember the 30 week mark and feeling HUGE and a ton of anxiety. I wasn't ready until about 38 weeks. Then, I finally came to terms with it.

    The first week was the hardest, with grieving the loss of your one-on-one time with the first child. I think I cried nonstop for several different reasons (missing S even though she was in the same room, feeling guilty for missing her when I have a precious newborn in my arms, etc.). Just a melting pot of emotions tied with post-pregnancy hormones. A mess. Luckily, I have a great husband who really helped - and from your blog, it sounds like your husband is amazing too. You'll get through that rough patch and come out LOVING having two little girls so close together. At 6 months, they'll play together and you'll look back and think, "Wow....this was so worth it".


  4. Love love love love love love love LOVE the blog update! So pretty!

    Also, can't believe you're 30 weeks! Seems to have flown by! You look great!!!

  5. you look fabulous, as always. i can totally empathize about your fears. i can honestly say that those kinds of thoughts are holding us back from even *thinking* about adding to our family. BUT– you are awesome parents. you will be great with both of them. the first few weeks may be a tear-fest but life will settle in to something wonderful.

  6. I e-mailed you about this just this morning, so I won't repeat myself. I'll just say that I love you and you look BEAUTIFUL, and that last picture made me want to fly to Cabo for the sole purpose of hugging you. :) I miss you.

    (LOVE the new blog header!!)

  7. I can feel your tension and I'd like to hug it out of you.

    Your feelings are totally valid. This WILL work out for you. You're awesome at being a Mom and you will totally figure out how to do this.

    You look great! Mixing patterns is so in. Did you see Project Runway this season?

    Take care of yourself, Friend. Maybe you and Lila need to have a Mommy/Daughter day soon. Maybe that will help a bit.

  8. I echo all these comments. You are absolutely beautiful. You are also an amazing mother and this will work out and you will find that peace and balance between being a mother of two.


  9. I think you look amazing but I am sorry you are uncomfortable! I was way more uncomfortable with Abbey then Evan also.

    I totally understand what you are going through with Lila but you are so smart to know that soon that feeling will disappear and all that will fill it is this gigantic love for two little ones. Also, keep in mind there will always be enough time to take a mommy and Lila day even whey baby girl 2011 is here. I've had days where Evan and I go out or vice's so much fun and really special. They love one on one time. :)

    Hugs to you!


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