Produce Report: 28 weeks

Hello there, third trimester!

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS!

As it turns out, I'm here. I'm in my third trimester! (Where did the time go?) I'm 28 weeks and am just two weeks away from the 30's. (Weeks 30-40). This means that the baby's arrival is imminent. Things just got a bit more real for me, friends.

So once again, according to it appears that my baby should be the size of an eggplant. Really? This is bananas. There's no way this baby is only the size of an eggplant. Ask anyone who has seen me, my belly is not the size of an eggplant. Pshaw.

True story:

Lila had a pediatrician appointment on Friday and this is the convo between the doctor and I:

Her: "Oh my. Your. belly. is. huge." [As soon as she saw me.]

Me" "Yep, it's big." [Thinking. "Duh."]

Her: "I mean, it looks like you could give birth tomorrow."


Yep. That just happened.

Love it. Love that people consistently tell me how big my belly is.

But it's true - it's bigger than it was with Lila. This pregnancy, although it's felt very similarly, has a very different weight distribution. With Lila, I kinda/sorta got big everywhere: my arms, legs, face, ears... With Baby Girl 2011 - thus far much of the weight is in my belly. (If that's possible. But don't get me wrong... I can't even attempt to pull up my old jeans past my knees, so clearly there's been weight gain all around. YESsssssss.) But it appears to be concentrated in my belly.

Q. How's the baby?
A. Awesome. We had another ultrasound/appointment last week and she weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. -- exactly what she should weigh at this point. Her heartbeat is strong, whew. (I adore that sound.) And, the doctor said that he really thinks that Baby Girl 2011 is going to strongly resemble her sister and her Dad.

I am merely the incubator in these pregnancy scenarios.

No bigs. I'm ok with it.

Here's the sweet baby here. Can you find her face?

Q. How are you feeling?
A. Altogether I feel pretty great. Sure, I'm constantly tired. Sure bending down isn't so easy. But I keep telling myself, "Enjoy this. Enjoy this time. It's fleeting." I am, however, slowly losing my belly button and am afraid it'll be completely gone in a matter of days...

Q. How much weight have you gained?
A. Well, according to, I have gained the maximum amount of weight for a person of my height and original weight. I've gained 23 lbs.

Q. How do I feel about the weight gain?
I'm ok with it! Let's just say I haven't even been ON the charts for my weight gain (on in quite some time. So to actually be on the chart, even at my "maximum" amount of weight gained, makes me happy. This whole pregnancy thing is so fleeting that I'm truly ok with it. I'll have the rest of my life to work off the weight. Right now, it's all about growing a truly healthy little munchkin.

Q. Is Baby Girl's room ready?
A. Absolutely not - however, I've got a solid plan for it.

Alright, I think that's for now. Sorry for the no pics this week. Truth? I forgot to take them and I'm writing this at the end of the night I'll tell you what; there's no chance I want a picture of me, like I am now, on the interweb.

Later gators.


  1. WOW! I can't believe it's third-trimester time already! That's incredible. :)

    I love that you have such a positive attitude to people's reactions to your belly and your weight gain. AS YOU SHOULD. You are wonderful and gorgeous and doing everything the way you should.

    Also: If Lila has taught us anything, it's the Baby Girl 2011 may LOOK like Craig, but her facial expressions will be totally Kylee. :)

    Love you friend.

  2. Your pregnancy is FLYING by. I had Zofia at 38 weeks. You're only 10 weeks away from that!

    How's taking care of a toddler while you're this pregnant? Don't you wonder how single moms do it??

    I can't wait to meet her :)

  3. I loved the part about Nutella resembling her sister and her Dad. That was so cute to me. I just LOVE when sisters look alike and you can really tell they are sisters. :)


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