Poor planning.

11/30/2010 03:29:00 PM
The unisex bathroom [ew] in my new office has both paper-thin walls and and an unfortunate location.  It is not-so-thoughtfully located directly next to the conference room which is currently occupied with my boss and several other hearty-appearing men.

The door to the bathroom opens in such a way that when entering said restroom, I run the risk of unintentional eye-contact with that table full of men who will then more than likely hear me close the door, open the toilet lid, do my business, then close the lid and finally wash my hands.

I'm not overwhelmingly comfortable with this.


In fact, this is one of those times when it would be convenient to be a man.  I believe I could just go outside and pee on a tree.



  1. AH! I know this situation well. At Coldwell Banker the bathroom was in the conference room and I HATED IT!!! You could hear EVERYTHING!!!

    How uncomfortable for us classy ladies, you know??

  2. As you well know, going to the bathroom at work is just annoying in and of itself. The fact that you have to do it in this manner would be enough to make me hike on a tree, I'm thinking. :)

    Maternity leave is coming soon, maternity leave is coming soon, maternity leave is coming soon...

  3. reason #482 why it's good to be a guy...the world is your bathroom.

  4. Ok, first let me say again - unisex bathroom = GROSS.

    Second, this totally sucks. The walls at my current job are thinner walls near the bathroom and I know that if I walk by and can hear that person in there or if I am sitting at my desk and hear the toilet paper roll squeak then people can hear me when I accidently rip ass in the bathroom. Not cool.

    UGH....sound proof bathrooms and put them away from everything else!!

    Nadja....I keep laughing at your classy ladies comment!! AWESOME!


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