Nope. No growing old gracefully. Not when it comes to my hair.

11/09/2010 05:08:00 AM

So a while back I noticed a small garden of gray hair sprouting in the upper-right-temple area of my cabeza. (head.)

I promptly plucked out all of the unwelcome visitors. (I'd rather risk baldness than have those hairs be visible.)

I even tried covering the offensive hairs with mascara. (Read it in a magazine. Doesn't work.)

It appears that they've grown back. In full-force. And I'm not pleased.

I'm 31 years old.

What is the deal? This gray has literally sprinkled my head. It's like Father Time spit all over my head leaving nothing but random grayness.

And another thing - I think it's fantastic that Stacey London from,"What not to Wear" proudly sports her gray-streak.

But my name is Kylee. Not Stacey. I don't want to be known for my single gray highlight. Just not quite yet...

This is why my hair will be dyed today.



  1. I'm 31, when I was 29 I asked my stylist if she saw grays yet, she said well you have a few, I promptly colored. I refuse to have gray hair and I'm not yet married nor do I have any 2 legged children. Fortunately I was 29 my Godsister was 20 when she started getting grays.

  2. Thank goodness for hair dye, right? ;)

    I feel you...dark hair isn't as forgiving either. I don't notice it as much when my hair is light.

  3. The grey hair I can deal with... it can be dyed! The wrinkles and flab NOT SO MUCH. I really can understand why people consider plastic surgery. I am not even in my fourties and look in the mirror and think ..hmmm.. How did that happen?? Oh I remember.. I had 3 children.. thats how :)

  4. My hair stylist used to pluck them out when she cut my hair but now there's so many that they need to be dyed. Plus! I have white gray hair - it's white, not gray!

  5. I thought u weren't supposed to dye your hair when your preggo... or is that a myth?

  6. Well remember Kylee, its probably genetic, your dad had gray hair early. I understand your issue though, its different on a man.

  7. i have grays in the exact same spot as you. my bangs just happen to lay in the correct spot so as to cover them....for now!

  8. How does a person have one perfect gray streak? It really is cool.

  9. **I think there are varying opinions on dyeing your hair while preggers. I'm of the school that it's fine for me. Do I do it regularly/often? Nope. I usually forego it. I get it done just once or twice...


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