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11/28/2010 07:24:00 PM
"You will know it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring like this: (ring). Let's begin now..." (Anyone remember what that's from?)

Oh, how I love Mary Kay's microdermabrasion kit. You wash your face, then apply the first step (the exfoliation) and then after you're finished, the serum. Your face is so soft and so smooth when you're all done. Love that. And, after I've used it I've had people compliment my skin the next day. No lie. (Price $55.)


Brow gel. I never thought that "brow gel" was necessary - and I'm still not completely convinced that it is. However, after I use this in brunette, I find that brow gel is fantastic. Keeps everything where it should be.

My sister, God love her, knows how much I adore trying new mascaras. She recently bought me this one. It's far too much fun. That little applicator allows for coverage on all of your eyelashes - even on teeny, tiny lashes that standard brushes/applicators have a difficult time reaching. There is a tool for everything, I tell you.



  1. Oh, I sooooo love the microderm set. But I love all things MK for making my skin lovely!

  2. I love, love, love the MK microderm set. Shout out to my MK girl Lori (T.W.I.T.)!
    I've seen that Givenchy mascara. My fav is Diorshow. Have you used that and is this one better?

  3. @FreckleFace - Diorshow IS better. (It also smells heavenly - love that light rose fragrance.) My runner-up to Diorshow is Buxom by Bare Escentuals. ($18 at Sephora.)

  4. Brow gel is amazing. I just use regular hair gel (the tiniest bit possible) and then the eyebrow brush - works great.

    Is the bell prompt from a school lesson - real alongs?

  5. @Iris - the hair gel is a great idea.

    The prompt was from those little Disney read-along-books I had a record player (and tapes) and I knew it was time to turn the page when I heard the chimes ring... "like this". "Let's begin now."

    (I'm weird.)


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