Lila says hi.

11/22/2010 11:20:00 AM

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  1. Oh goodness....that is the cutest!

    Hi Lila!

  2. (I stopped home for lunch today and Miss Lila wanted to wear my sunglasses and put on some chapstick. Who is this kid?!)

  3. she of course looks, "fabulous"! Love her and you and all of you guys there! miss you and totally getting what you are saying about baby girl 2011. however...somehow i still figured it out and here we are 6 years later and they cannot 'live' without each other! (Even after they have clawed at each other and tried to bite one another :) ) There is a person inside Anna I feel I never would have experienced were it not for her little brother coming along!

    BTW: I love the banner at the top of two pretzels...RIGHT up my alley!

  4. I think she grew up TOO MUCH this weekend! It's crazy! And very cute!


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