Lila Lunes: 17 months old

11/29/2010 05:08:00 AM

My dear sweet Lila is 17 months old.

While this may not be a big deal to the general public, it's a big deal to me because it's two months closer to 19 months. And, from the moment I found out I was pregnant with Baby Girl 2011 (no lie) I calculated just how old Lila would be when she became a big sister.

We're two months away from Lila, my 22.8 lb.-wonder, becoming a "big" sister.

[insert sigh...]

And... here we go.

Dear Lila,

These past couple of weeks I feel that you've really strongly indicated that you are not a go-with-the-flow kind of lady. Well, wait a minute - that's not true. You do go with the flow (you love to laugh with your aunts and uncles and cousin...) But it's quite true that you have indicated that you have very strong preferences. You prefer to eat with a spoon and a fork.

You prefer to put on gobs of chapstick (mostly on your nose). You prefer to eat each and every pomegranate seed from your plate.

You prefer to not have your face washed and you prefer that you independently brush your teeth. You prefer to read anytime, anywhere, in your chair.

You prefer to read to wear your slippers as often as possible. (Don't judge the grout. It looks dirty, but I swear it's clean.We have both WHITE and GREY grout throughout our house. We think the floor was "re-grouted" at one time and then wah-la... this is what we got.)

You prefer to wear various accouterments on your head. Just because you can.

You prefer to play independently. And really like to move noodles from one bowl to another.

You also prefer to feed Ferg in the morning. Filling her dog food in her bowl piece-by-piece if necessary.

You prefer to surf the internet as often as possible. (Oy, this is a problem. And I'm a sucker. I allow this to happen.)

Sweet Lila, you have a very strong sense of self already. It's a character trait I already respect and enjoy in you. It's what I prayed for, quite honestly.

This week, you had your first bowl of cereal. (Special K with strawberries.)  You loved it.

You looked like a DOLL on Thanksgiving. It's so funny how pleased you are to get dressed up. You walk with a pep in your step and appear to love being girl. It's pretty precious.You adore necklaces.

You adore your Daddy. (So do I.)

You're a big fan of your cousin Chlo, too.

And, let's not forget about Petal.

You love your cousins, too. Here you are with Bella and Brody.

And... you love to swing. (Though it may not look that way in the picture...)

This is *such* a Lila look.

 I love you sweet pickle.




  1. Wow. That second-to-last picture is perfection. That should be somewhere special.

    I was just looking through your facebook photos the other day - seeing Lila's newborn pics, her 1st passport photo (HA!), and really? 17 months flew by.


  2. She is so adorable! I love the tutu on the head photo. ...and her little slippers. Way too cute.

    ...this is going way too fast for me. I thought my kids were growing rapidly. For some reason, yours seem to be on warp speed. How is she 17 months already??? ...and 2 months from meeting your new baby? Wow. Wow.

  3. What a sweet little girl....I just adore her personality and love seeing it in these pictures! I can not believe she is 17 months and will soon be a big sister!

    These pictures are fantastic! She is such a sweetheart.

  4. This girl -- wow. She knows how to take a picture. I love her little attitude and that she's so independent -- just like her mama! (That last picture of the two of you gave me chills. So, so precious.)

  5. She sounds just like her Mama. . . the independent woman. I love the pic with the tu-tu on her head and especially the last one with the two of you.
    You are a blessed lady.

    I can't wait to see the little helper she is with her little sister.

  6. She really makes me smile.

    You're all so dang cute.


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