Lila Lunes:16 months old

11/15/2010 11:17:00 AM
Oh sweet, Lila. It's been a rough couple of weeks. First the flu shot, which did a number on you. (All in the name of your baby sister...) Next, the teething. The fevers. The extended family members coming into town, meeting new friends, playing with cousins, the wedding events, the actual wedding and reception and now another cold. You've been a trooper.

Through it all we've come to realize yet again that you're nothing if not independent. And, you There is no wooing of you by semi-strangers in an effort to convince you to befriend them. Instead, you diligently and quietly take your time deciding who you'll welcome into your circle. Most of the time your circle includes women... and waiters and grocery store baggers. Not so much men. Especially very tall men. Except your Daddy - you love him more than anything.

Which reminds me of another one of your favorite things: the "Da-Da song." You sing it constantly. You wake up singing it. You sit in your car singing it. You walk around singing it. It goes like this, "Da-da-da-da-da-da-da." You sing it in a very high-pitched tone and you usually smile and get increasingly louder as the tune goes on and on until your Daddy looks your way. Then, you melt into a flurry of smiles. Don't think your Daddy doesn't puff up a little bit each time you sing it.

(There you were "dancing" with your Daddy at the wedding.)

Ah, and then there's music. So long as there's music (and cheese) in your life - you're happy. Mariachis, iPod mixes, you name it - music is your friend. You dance in a quizical manner - usually standing with your legs spread apart you shift your weight from left to right with absolutely no bending in your legs. It looks uncomfortable, but it really seems to work for you and your dance partner (Petal).

Oh yes, and Petal is still very much so an important part of your life. You adore her. She's your safety net. She accompanies you virtually everywhere and makes you feel that the world is safe. You don't, however, appreciate it when people take Petal and then try to lure you to them by showing you that they have her. You often times give off a look that says, "Fine. Keep her. I have five more at home." then walk away. (I love that you can't be bribed. And I love that nose.)

Your favorite word at this point in your life is, "No."

"Lila, do you want to swing?"


"Lila do you want to go outside?"


"Lila do you want some water?"


However, want to know the fun part? You do want to swing and you do want to go outside and you do want some water. You just prefer to say no.

Always keeping us guessing, you are.:)

Love you sweet pickle.

Miss Lila with Nana's dog, Cuddles.

Turtle Parade and Joss bought this book for Lila for her first birthday and she absolutely LOVES it. You press in the plastic "bubbles" and they make a great snapping noise. It's used so much we had to TAPE it back together. Lila loves it. (Thank you, again!)

Lila looking all cute for cousin R.'s wedding. The front. (Dancing)
(Thanks to cousin L. for bringing it to us all the way from Chicago!)

The back.

Hanging out before the wedding...

Squirreling away snacks during the reception.

Dancing with Nana (my Mom.)

My favorite picture of the week.

A regular Lila smirk.

A very long night. And a much-coveted cuddle second.

Our family of 3.5.

That's all for now, folks.



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  2. Wow that last picture is absolutely beautiful!!! Wonderful pictures!!! I hope Miss Lila feels better soon!!!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the Lila smirk...and the dress...and the pearls! Gorgeous.

  4. Um, Sassytimes stole my comment. Word-for-word. (not sure how she did that)

    Lovely post, the whole thing. Your Lila is just a doll. And put her in that adorable dress and pearls? It's just too much.

    (Glad she likes that book! I loved it, kinda wish I would have bought Joss one too!)

  5. This was just...lovely. Everything about it. Great post, beautiful pictures, fantastic facial expressions, meltingly cute cuddles -- I mean, really. A perfect Lila Lunes.

    I find myself hoping every week that you'll bind these into a book for her someday. They are a treasure.

  6. That picture of you and Lila at the top melted my heart and her dancing with C....was beyond sweet!

    I too love that smirk, it is so cute and I am sure a face you will see as she grows up!

    Love this post :)

  7. Yay - thanks for the photos. LOVE Lila's dress (no peep costume??).

    Can't wait to see more photos of the wedding.

    ....and I miss you too - for the record.

  8. Beautiful pics, Kylee! All of them - the one with your Mom, and you and Lila in that fantastic dress! Lovely.

  9. Love that B&W photo of the pair of you!

  10. Absolutely beautiful. Every word, every picture. Beautiful.

    Lila's dress? OH MY WORD. I love it! You all look fabulous. . . as always. I love the picture of you cuddling with her.

  11. wow, oh wow - where has the time gone? your belly is round and your daughter is a young lady, the bell of the ball to be more exact. i love that little pink dress as much as her cute little expressions! so very cute.

  12. LOVE the last picture. Wanted to comment on fb today but I was holding a baby. :) So gorgeous!

  13. She looks like such a little girl now. I honestly can't believe it. The up 'do is what really puts her over the edge.

    Taking Petal to lure her?! SURELY you jest. That ain't cool, man.


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