Lila Lunes:
16 months old.

11/01/2010 05:08:00 AM
Oh, my sweet Lila. You're just precious.
My favorite thing about the past couple of weeks? You've perfected your smooch. You grab my head with both hands, lean forward and say, "MMMMMMMMMMMMuah" for quite a while. It's the cutest thing in all the world. (You even pucker up.)

You also had a visit from your Grandma, Mimi. You enjoyed her immensely.
You still like to eat.
Like to play outside.
Like to be with Ferg.
Adore my phone.
And, are a pretty good sport about dressing up in non-threatening Halloween costumes.

You weigh 22 lbs. and I refuse to look up your percentile because I just don't feel as if it matters.

You love to read and wake up in the morning asking for your books.

You're really sweet and we love you. It's true.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks...

Lila and her Grandma, Mimi.

Hugs are a big deal right now. Especially Daddy hugs.

This photo best illustrated Lila's constant state of motion.
I dare your camera to keep up.

Walking in downtown San Jose. (I'm pregnant. Ignore my wide back-side).

In the square, Lila spotted the balloon/plastic toy vendor.

She also spotted the candy vendor and was negotiating with him to get something for free.
It didn't work.

She did, however, score a pink rolling poodle that she pretty much loves.

Spoons and forks are popular here. My happy Lila.

I love this face.

She stole my phone and was looking quite relaxed with it.

Best friends.

Playing outside with her sink. Water + dish soap = ridiculous amounts of fun.

For her Halloween party we dressed her as an Ohio State cheerleader. (The peep costume was too hot. It was something like 89 degrees.) We thought the polyester would "breathe" better than a peep costume. :)

Moving. Always moving.

At the party with her tulip-fairy friend.

All was going well until the cheerleader fell. (She was walking too fast. Quite a shiner, no?)

She became more social later.

Next is the peep costume.
It takes some warming-up time.
See that face?

We encourage her to PET the peep costume.

And bam! It's on!
(It ran **INCREDIBLY** small. I mean, incredibly. But we still felt it served its purpose.)

I **ADORE** this picture.

Small peep bending down.

Peep with her dog and eating a cracker.

Peep feeding her dog the cracker.

Peep hat/top.

Slightly annoyed peep.

Very-shocked-looking peep and her smiling dog.

Peep on the move.

 My sweet peep.

Have a great week!



  1. Oh I can't believe she's almost 1 1/2. It's amazing. I still picture her as a little teeny tiny wee one.

    I assure you, she is just perfect.

  2. A-DOR-A-BLE

    K, she is absolutely precious. Love the Peep AND the OSU cheerleader outfit.

    She is beautiful. . . as is her mommy.

  3. i love it, what fun! we didn't do any costumes this year, but i can't wait until next year when it will be a crazy halloween party up in here.

    the peep! she slays me, that girl!

  4. Friend, these are, hands down, my favorite most favoritest pictures of young Lila to date. I cannot believe (but then, I can) what an EXPRESSIVE daughter you have! Those faces just KILL me. And the Peep costume -- well. It's just fabulous.

    Can I just say: I cannot believe how old she looks and seems! Weight percentile, schmeight schmerschmentile, that girl looks about 17. :)

    And, last comment: I got teary when I read the part about the hugging and smooching. :) I just adored this entire update!

  5. I feel as though you should've gotten the Peep eating a peep! I saw Halloween ones! (maybe not in Cabo?) Anyway, I also adore that one you commented "I adore this one". Soooo great. She's just beautiful. Can you believe she is 16 months?? Goes by too fast.

    And NO you do not have a wide backside!! Ha!

  6. I need to know where that Peep gets her shades. I laugh every time I see her in them. They are definitely "don't mess with me or else" shades.

    A Peep is a fantastic costume.

  7. I just FREAKED OUT on C's facebook at the Peep costume. OMG! Adorable!

  8. I LOVE the peep costume. So cute!


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