In the way of gourmet cooking.

11/23/2010 05:08:00 AM

I am in no way a cook, let alone a gourmet cook.

But there are several items in which I feel strongly:

1.) Don't break spaghetti noodles in half prior to boiling them. It makes me uncomfortable. I like long noodles. Not short ones. I'm a proponent of noodle twirling with spoons and those short noodles fling spaghetti sauce everywhere. And who needs another mess to clean?

2.) Easy on the salt. Of course, a little salt should be added. But BOO to tons of added salt. (Note: we use unsalted butter. And I sort of love it.)

3.) Eggs should be used as often as possible. (Does this even need an explanation?)

4.) Mashed potatoes should have at least an entire STICK of butter in them. At least. (And yes, salt.)

That's all for now from this front.



  1. incidentally i just got hungry for buttery mashed potatoes and something from my childhood - spaghetti noodles with a little butter (no sauce). however, it's 7:12 AM!

  2. I agree with each one of these.

    Kudos to your gourmet expertise. :)

  3. Oh, mashed potatoes....I could eat them every day. Actually, my whole household loves mashed potatoes. I'm the best mom ever on mashed potato nights. I agree about the butter....and I also add a scoop of sour cream for flavor and creaminess. Mmmmmm....

  4. I like the way you think. :)

    Although I'm totally a spaghetti-breaker. We don't have tons of wide pots, and it makes me uncomfortable looking at the noodles sticking partially out of the water, half of them being cooked and the other half all, "Uh, what about us?" Maybe I just need to invest in some bigger pots. :)

  5. All 4 quality tips that I 100% agree with. :)

  6. YES! I hate a short noodle. It's like they are getting cheated.

    Next time you are in Toledo (??), I am making you a spaghetti pie. You will not regret eating it.


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