Flower Friday: Luxury, high-style edition

11/05/2010 05:08:00 AM
So I was reading The Robb Report Collection* with Lila the other day. (It's one of her faves.) And we stumbled upon a full-page ad that really caught my attention.

I mean, how couldn't it?

This was the image the ad was built around:

I know, right?

I mean how can you ignore the immense roses next to the boringly beautiful woman?
I instantly thought two things:

1.) Are those flowers really that tall?
2.) How can I get me some of those roses?

(I'm laughing as I type this.)

Well, it just so happens that the proprieter of these tall roses had a website listed on their ad:


So I log on to see that it's TRUE! These roses are that tall and I can buy them!

First, I can purchase the 3 ft. roses for $129.99. (See here.)
See the recipient in the photo? She doesn't look thrilled, but she's happy enough with this uber-classy gift.

But I bet she'd be happier with these...
Yep, you guessed it: FOUR ft. roses for a mere $174.00. (See here.)
The recipient is clearly happier, I mean she's sporting a toothy grin. But I still think she could be even more happy and feel even more loved. I think she needs...

...the 5-6 FOOT tall roses for a MERE $239.99!!!
I mean, look at that face. SHE IS PUMPED.

I love this. And most of all, I love the description for the 5-6 ft. roses says, "Delivered in very long, black box..." Lol. Yes, I would imagine it's a very long box. I believe that would be necessary for this classy gift.

I have no words.

All I can say is that this is luxury living at its best.

*No, I don't subscribe to The Robb Report Collection. It's merely one of the publications that woos my company and tries to get us to advertise with them.


  1. I just laughed the entire way through this post (and I could hear you laughing in my head, too). These roses are..."hilarious" is the only word that's coming to mind. As is the look on that model's face. She looks bewildered in the first one. "Why am I receiving a tiny coffin?" It's a perfectly normal reaction.

    Ah, rich people.


    You crack me up!

    I love how her enthusiasm changes with each set of roses. Because get 3ft roses just ISN'T enough!

    These roses are crazy!

    But I think the question we need to ask is what kind of vase would you put these in?!

  3. This looks like the start of a bad porno.

  4. Ha, Iris!

    And WP, "a tiny coffin"... hee hee!

    I'm not sure what I would be more pissed to receive, these or an Edible Arrangement.

    The guy that buys these must have really effed up.

  5. oh.my.gosh. they captured JUST the right photo for each of the different sized boxes?!? how crazy. like WP, i too heard you laughing in my head which made me smile. : ) miss you, friend. and these roses are just ridiculous!!


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