Dominos all around!

11/26/2010 05:08:00 AM

Was shopping at the grocery store (Mega) and ran across this incredible deal for a tin of dominos.

Yes, $436 pesos.

Why, that's only $35.16 USD (???) for a pack of 1950's style dominos.

I think I know what all my friends and family are getting for Christmas.

It's the gift that keeps on giving and my goodness, it's so affordable and fairly priced...



  1. Family game night, holla!!!!

  2. Holy. Crap. Who knew dominoes (dominos?) were such a delicacy in the gaming world??

  3. i could have most likely gotten you a set at target during door-buster deals (5 am this morning) for like $4.

  4. Wow...that is crazy!

    I only know how to play dominos by lining them up and then pushing them down. Don't know how to play the "real" way :)


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