11/21/2010 01:45:00 PM

While I don't think I could ever describe myself as being, "country," I have to confess:

I'm currently multi-tasking and watching CMT's 40 greatest songs of the decade...

...and I'm kind of enjoying it.*

*All but the, "Save a horse and ride a cowboy" part.

And it please don't think less of me as I confess how much I enjoy Randy Travis music. Yep. You read that correctly.



  1. LOL I love the save a horse ride a cowboy song, I just do. I also happen to love Trashy Women by Confederate Railroad. Randy Travis is a long time favorite of mine and this morning I was playing off my itunes list Baby's got her blue jeans on by Mel McDaniel :)

  2. I am liking country now that is has crossed over a bit more. I have to admit I only like the popular stuff. I'm a poser.

  3. I love Randy Travis. :) And I once sang in the bar where he was discovered!

    (I love that you watched CMT. :))

  4. I actually love OLD country. Hank Williams, Randy Travis, Waylon Jennings...those people. After Garth Brooks (who I love) I stopped enjoying any country.


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