Ah, family.

I'll tell you what's exciting when you live outside of the U.S.

When friends and family members come to town to see you! Ok, well, maybe they're not coming in town to see us per se, but they ARE coming in town for my cousin's "destination" wedding next weekend. Wah-who!

My Mom arrives today, an aunt and an uncle are already here, more family comes Saturday, then more friends and family next week.

It's awfully exciting.

What I've learned throughout this process is that my family members are awesome. I've sent random online purchases to nearly all of them to bring down for us. (Hey! It cuts down on the importation.)

I've also learned that the U.S. is doing a fairly decent job in scaring the pants off of Americans traveling to Mexico.

I ask you to **please** carefully scrutinize the anti-Mexico headlines that you read every.single.day.in.the.media.

Keep in mind geography and how far from the border Los Cabos is.
Keep in mind the media's ability and strong tendency to spin news to work in their favor.
Keep in mind that sometimes the great U.S. of A. spews propaganda about any and all foreign countries to make themselves look better. (It's a wonder that Canada has been safe for so long.)
Just keep perspective.

**stepping off soapbox now**



  1. If I didn't follow your blog I would have no idea. I like having the inside scoop!!! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead, looking forward to the pictures, I LOVE weddings!!!! Actually I enjoy all pics, and Lila and Ferg are just too cute!!

  2. How fun to have family in friends visiting!! And to have your mom down there for awhile - AWESOME!


    (So what you are saying is that we will not get shot the minute we get off the plane or be asked to mule drugs over the boarder?! Well that's not as exciting.)

  3. Sigh... the Mexico hate is so absurd. Thinking the entire country is like it is in dangerous border towns would be like assuming the entire U.S. is like Compton.

  4. @Charbelle - thanks! The wedding is actually NEXT weekend. We're just getting ready for the excitement this weekend. :)

    @WK - Thank you! I shall enjoy! And yes, what I'm saying is that I definitely doubt you WON'T get shop when exiting a plane in Cabo. Lol.

    @Nadja - EXACTLY. EXACTLY.


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